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Miscellaneous Thoughts May 23, 2016

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My mind seems to be all over the place these days. Lots of big things to process. Our house as been on the market for two weeks. We’ve had two showings. Not as many as I would have hoped for right of the bat. I’m finding that keeping the house clean for potential showings seems a bit illogical. I clean, no one comes. We actually had a showing yesterday. All I can do is pray! So yes, the house update is the house is still for sale. I’m done keeping it clean. I’m praying it sells quickly so I can stop cleaning. I know that doesn’t sound like me. I love to clean… I’m learning that I love to clean weekly, not almost everyday. Big difference.

My last post was all about Graham so I thought I would take a moment to focus on Owen. He has become quite the helper around the house. He loves to put clothes in the washing machine for me. He will grab me a diaper when I’m changing Graham. He will also throw dirty diapers away for me. His new nighttime routine involves giving Graham hugs and kisses. It melts my heart. Owen still loves all things Thomas the train and Winnie the Pooh. He is also still into construction vehicles. He has found the things he loves and has stuck with them.

You might have noticed that I stopped mentioning Owen and potty training. There wasn’t any progress to report. He sort of stalled. However, I am happy to say that he has been doing fantastic this last week! He has done all his business on the toilet the last three days. I am so proud of him. I’m also excited because he can now use the toilet with the help of only a small step stool. No more potty chairs or potty seats! Woo hoo! I am one happy mama! I’m hoping we can officially claim potty training mastered soon!

Owen loves looking at property, going to church and visiting both sets of grandparents. He will often ask to get dressed and tell me he is ready to go. He also loves outside time in the yard. When we are in the van, Owen loves to sing along to the kid’s CD we have playing. He really loves The Isty Bitsy Spider. In fact, he is singing it right now as he plays with his trains.

In random news, I downloaded Pinterest for the first time this week. I now have the joy of creating boards full of ideas for decorating my future home and my boys’ birthday party (because yes, I plan their birthday all year long). Jeremy was away this weekend at a men’s conference and he got to golf twice. I was glad that he could enjoy one of his hobbies since he isn’t putting in a garden this year. He has a garden shaped void in his life. We also just cancelled our satellite television today now that all our shows are taking a break for the summer. This is the first time in our married life that we won’t have a couple hundred channels at our disposal. I have a feeling Jeremy will also have a ESPN and Weather Channel void in his life. Things are a changing here.

Well, I know it’s not brilliant, but that’s what we are up to these days. Lots of cleaning, playing, laughing, crying, praying (and eating of chocolate).


Never enough dump trucks




Watching for Daddy to get home from Men’s Conference



Settled in at Nana & Papa’s house while we have a showing at our house.


Celebrating three accident free days with three new mini trains!



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