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Graham – 7 Month Update May 19, 2016

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7 months!

Time to update the world on Graham at 7 months. Last month he mastered sitting up on his own. He was so over sitting within a week. He wants to crawl or pull himself up so he can stand. Sitting is what babies do and Graham thinks he is a big boy like his brother. Sometimes he locks his body into standing position. You can’t make him sit to save your life. He loves to watch his brother. Any attention he gets from Owen makes him smile and laugh. Owen has recently learned that it’s fun to make Graham laugh. Owen will dance around Graham and this results in giggles from both boys.

Graham is growing. While he is not a big baby, he just moved up into 9 month clothes. I had fun as a pulled out the 9 month clothes and washed them. These are some of my favorite outfits! Summertime clothes and lots of plaid! I wish I could say solid foods were responsible for Graham getting bigger, but he has decided that solid foods aren’t his thing. Everything you put in his mouth results in gagging. This development is a bummer because it means that Graham is on a timer and can’t be away from Mommy for very long. At this point, I am the only food source he accepts.

Jeremy is positive that Graham has said “Da da” numerous times. Owen said “Da da” first as well. Graham is such a daddy’s boy that I am not surprised that Jeremy got the first words. Graham loves to snuggle with Daddy and will often fall asleep peacefully on Jeremy’s chest.

Graham is a sweet baby. Day time is his best time. He usually gets two naps a day, but really needs three. I’m finding that it can be hard to have a perfect baby schedule and a perfect toddler schedule. Both kiddos have to make sacrifices and the third nap is Graham’s big sacrifice. We are entering into some of my favorite baby days. I love the happy personalities and smiles that come with this age. His smile is still a big gummy one for the time being. I have a feeling in the next month we’ll see teeth due to the amount of chewing Graham does on his fingers.

I’m really curious what the update next month will hold. Graham is trying so hard to crawl. He face plants a lot and has now entered into the bruise phase of boyhood. If he really is saying “da da” then I’m sure more words are just around the corner. Hopefully, if teeth emerge, maybe the desire for solid foods will as well. No matter where we find ourselves next month, I am grateful for a healthy, happy, sweet baby.






Loving bathtime!


Towel time after tub time


Sending tired baby selfies to Daddy


Wearing new 9 month jammies!


Laughing and playing together in Graham’s crib. A new post-nap tradition!


Sibling life!


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