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Big Changes! May 10, 2016

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It seems like the last 7 months have been one of constant change in our household. Lots of big and small things have been shifting, tweaking and changing. It almost seems like every area of our life has been touched in someway. It feels like God has been shaking us up and showing us to hold on to him no matter what. With an open hand we have said do what you want with us, direct us, guide us, help us to follow after you. Nothing has seemed off the table. The sky is the limit. Time to evaluate and dream big. It’s been a scary time, but also an exciting time. Those who know me know that I am a person of routine and predictability. I’m not a fan of change. But change always happens and I am learning to roll with it. Not all change is bad, it’s just change. It’s different. It’s unknown. It’s unfamiliar. It feels odd. But when God is the one initiating it then I trust that it will lead to a good place.

IMG_5254I’ve been radio silent the last few weeks on our next big change. I was waiting for certain pieces of the puzzle to fall into place and I think we are far enough along in the process to share what’s going on. We are moving!!! Well, we hope to move. We just listed our house on Friday. The plan is to sell our home and move to a piece of property where we can live beside my parents. I’m looking forward to having more land for my boys to roam and I am excited about having my parents closer and more involved in our lives. Oh and I’m over the moon excited about having a home where we pick the plan that works for our family and we get to pick the features. I’m not entirely jazzed that it takes months for homes to be built, but I know that the end result will be worth the wait.

Jeremy and I have spent the latter half of April getting our home into the best condition possible for selling. Every surface has been cleaned. Jeremy did a ton of small fixes and projects to make sure we are selling our home at top quality. It’s been exhausting. It’s been worth it though. As I look around the house, I am amazed at how great it looks. Jeremy jokes that we made it look so good we might want to buy it ourselves. Haha. The crazy part of getting the house ready to list was spending our weekends passing the kids back and forth. I love the weekends because it means that I have Jeremy’s support and it’s two kids to two adults. Jeremy’s days off give me just enough energy to recharge and handle the kids on my own through the week. The last few weekends have been very different though. I’ve been keeping the kids out of his way so he can get projects done. In turn, he kept them out of my way so I could get projects done. We were super productive, but it’s not a schedule that I would enjoy keeping up for long.

When we haven’t been in home improvement mode, we’ve been searching for the “property” with my parents. We’ve wandered around Lewis County in search of the perfect homestead. Owen has loved this part of the process. It’s so cute to hear his little voice in the back seat chanting “looking at properties.” I’m having massive flashbacks to being a pre-teen whose parents were moving her to the middle of no where. I remember the endless drives to look at properties and I remember living at Home Depot during the building process. Owen is liking the process a whole lot more than I did as a kid.

There are so many other things I could go on about. I have a feeling this process will fuel my blogging. I’ll certainly have lots to share was we sell, move and build. I’m a bit sentimental as I look around the house. This was our first house. We brought our babies home to this house. They are still in their nurseries. By the time we move into our new home, Graham will be a toddler. We won’t be decorating nurseries any more, instead we will be setting up big boy rooms. I’ve loved this house. Jeremy and I have had so many firsts here. Now we are having a new set of first. Our first time selling a home. Our first time building a home. I love my husband. He is the best man a girl could ask for. I am grateful to go through this with him by my side. He is the calm to my storm. Even now I can get overwhelmed with all the details and all the what ifs. But I know that Jeremy and I will get through this together. I just need to take a deep breath. Relax. Enjoy the moments as they come. And keep the house really clean…

I will share more as life unfolds. Pray for us as we embark on this adventure.


This kid knows how to relax


Owen put this blanket on Graham’s head and told me “I hide Baby Graham!”


Looking at properties


Owen loves exploring the properties


May Day flowers from my mom! So pretty!


Lunch, shopping and sunshine with Maggie are always a blessing! Glad I got to catch up with her last week!


I was home with little boys with runny noses on Sunday so my hubby ran me home breakfast! So sweet!


The reason I celebrate!


Daddy is an awesome nap buddy!


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