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The Life of a Conference Kid April 28, 2016

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We experienced a first for our little family this week. Monday through Wednesday was Network Conference in Yakima. Last year, Owen stayed with my parents while Jeremy and I were away. It was our first time leaving Owen overnight. This year, Owen got to stay with my parents again, so this meant that Graham got the only child treatment for a few days. Apart from our time in the hospital, our boys have not been split up for more than a couple of hours. Owen is two. He is a handful at times. I was ready for a few days away (from him). One baby seemed like parenting bliss. Graham was an amazing travel buddy. He did wonderful keeping up with the conference schedule. Jeremy and I enjoyed our time as a family of three. Right up to the end… when Graham decided to throw up numerous times on the ride home. That was a bit of a downer. Not the ideal way to end the trip. I’m happy to report that Graham is more like himself today. But the poor kid had his six month well check today, so he now he is recovering from shots. Being a baby can be rough business. Here are Graham’s six month stats – he is 16lbs. 3oz.(20%), 25.5in (7%), head 44cm, (64%). Graham is a little dude, but healthy and happy. It was a special treat to focus on him this week. Owen had a great time with the grandparents. He came home telling us stories about walking TC dog and riding in Grandma’s Subaru. The toddler life is a good one as well (even with all the crazy he brings to it). I’m happy to home with both my boys and back to our usual chaos.


Found this selfie on my phone Monday afternoon…


Graham was digging the only child treatment!


Morning snuggles with Daddy


Eating Daddy’s lanyard


Conference nap time. I wish I could sleep anywhere, anytime and have it be socially appropriate!


Graham was taking a long nap and we were hungry for dinner. Jeremy slipped out and got us Famous Dave’s to go. Since Graham was in the living space of our hotel room, Jeremy and I ate our BBQ in bed. Kinda like breakfast in bed!


Our happy travel baby




Playing with Daddy


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