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Graham – Six Month Update! April 23, 2016

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The official 6 month picture

On Tuesday, Graham reached the six month milestone! Half a year! Yay!!! This last month has been a big one for Graham. He was able to roll over from his back to his tummy. Then he learned to sit up unsupported! He continues to have many first, like his first ride facing forward in the stroller for our evening walks. He is getting so big. Graham is a happy baby (except for when he’s not, haha). He loves to smile. He loves to talk. He has started give what we call Graham Kisses. He takes your face in his hands and gives you a sloppy open mouth kiss. It’s messy, but sweet. I also think teething is in full swing because Graham always has his hand in his mouth these days.

I won’t lie, the last month has been very overwhelming personally. Our family has had many ups and downs. I feel bad that I don’t have paragraphs upon paragraphs to share about six month Graham. Since my energy level is low, this blog is very concise. Rolling. Sitting. Happy. Kisses. Teething. That about sums it up! Graham is a sweet baby and adds so much joy to our lives. I am thankful to have him alongside us for these crazy life adventures.


Despite fevers and coughs, we got outside to enjoy the sunshine. This was Graham’s first time riding forward facing in the stroller.


Sitting up unsupported and playing with brother’s toys!


This is the face Graham makes when he should be napping.


Love this little sitter!




When you get tired of sucking on your fingers, time to suck on your toes.


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