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Jeremy’s Birthday & Easter Weekend March 28, 2016

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Just a few hours after my last blog post, I got a call from my mother-in-law saying that Jeremy’s grandma in South Dakota had passed away unexpectedly. Wow. This loss combined with the passing of Jeremy’s uncle has left us reeling. While we still made the most of Jeremy’s birthday and Easter weekend, there has been a haze of sadness hanging over our family. Jeremy’s birthday was spent making arrangements so we can attend the services. We started making plans and getting things covered. Making travel arrangements to attend a funeral isn’t the happiest way to spend a birthday. I felt bad for Jeremy. Jeremy’s parents came over Friday evening to celebrate the birthday boy. We enjoy a yummy dinner of salmon and rice. Jeremy requested rainbow chip cake for dessert. Owen, of course, loved “helping” blow out the candles.

On Saturday, we planned a family day of spring outings. We went to a local nursery and Jeremy got to pick out a new hanging basket. He loves his plants. We had hoped to take a ride on the local steam train, but the amount of people that showed up for the steam train was insane. All the rides were selling out hours in advance. We opted for looking and waving at the steam train. We’ll try to do a ride this summer. Apparently trains run on the weekends starting at the end of May. Saturday night, we colored Easter eggs. Funny thing is we used decorator eggs instead of hard boiled eggs. They are plastic and feel like a ping pong ball. Even though they say you can dye them, the color didn’t stay on the eggs. Owen had a great time shaking the no-spill containers of dye, so overall, it was still a fun experience. After coloring eggs, Owen got to open his Easter basket. He got books, magnets, a new toothbrush, some candy and mini donuts. All the items were happily received.

Yesterday was Easter and of course, it was a full of day of celebrating. We made it to church for the 9:00am gathering. Graham let me stay through worship, but then needed to go eat and sleep. We stayed for the beginning of the 11:00am gathering to kick things off in children’s church then I took the boys home for naps. Owen went down instantly, but Graham decided that even though he was exhausted, he would not sleep. That is usually how holidays go. When naps are super important, someone seems to boycott them. Oh well. We went over to Jeremy’s Aunt Lori’s house for our Easter meal. It was great to see the family and be with them especially at this time where Dan’s passing is so fresh in our minds. These times are important and we were glad we could celebrate the resurrection with them. We are thankful that Dan is with his resurrected Savior now. After the meal with Jeremy’s family, we went over to my parent’s house. We did an egg hunt for Owen and celebrated Jeremy’s birthday with my side of the family. It was a special day to be with loved ones and remember our risen Savior. Easter is simply amazing. Every year I am moved beyond words as I think of the sacrifice Jesus made on my behalf. He took my sin, my guilt, my shame. He gave his life so I could have everlasting life. I am grateful and humbled by such extravagant love. Even though the last week has been overwhelming with the loss of loved ones, I know that I will see them again. It’s bittersweet now, but we will have a happy reunion someday.

Below are some pictures from our weekend. Enjoy!


Helping Daddy blow out the candles


My handsome boys


Visiting the steam train


Easter Eggs and Easter Basket


Graham is happily skipping his nap time


Easter Egg Hunt


A festive cherry pie with birthday cake flavored Peeps and votive candles! It was a Easter/Birthday treat!


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