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Springtime with the Scotts March 24, 2016

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Easter Eggstravaganza was a big hit in the Scott household. Owen got to pet a tortoise, sit in a fire truck, hold a balloon for 1.5 minutes before it floated away. We got to the church an hour before the event officially started because I know how busy it can get.  Jeremy took Owen backstage to look at the animals for the wild animal show. We didn’t think he would sit through the show. Next year he will probably love the animal show and be super excited for it. Owen’s big lament of the day was not being able to go on the swing ride. He remembered it from this summer and kept leading us back there. I know that one ride wouldn’t have been the end of the world, but once Owen got on, it would have been the only thing he wanted to do all day. He would have wailed when he had to get off. I decided that the drama was unnecessary. We looked at the ponies, but I also avoided pony rides. Maybe next year, kid. When it came to the actual egg hunt, Owen was really upset he had to wait to go into the field. Not only could he see the eggs right in front of his face, but his Dad, Papa, and Grandpa were all in the middle of the field. I was keeping him from his men who were obviously allowed in the field. When the horn went off, Owen went to work. He collected probably 20 eggs. I didn’t count them… I didn’t help him pick them up. I pointed out a few but I didn’t want to be one of those crazy parents who take the egg hunt way too seriously. Owen got candy that he’ll never eat… lots of Tootsie Rolls and Starbursts. It was an experience. We didn’t go for the candy. All the photos I got of Owen hunting are super serious as well. You would never know the kid had fun. After his hunt, he went home with Grandma for his normal routine and nap time. Graham and I stayed to help with the MOPS bake sale which went really well. We made over $400 and we talked with lots of young moms about our group. Sadly, once I got home from the big day, I developed a sore throat that has led to me being sick this whole week. My throat is hoarse and I developed a migraine last night that practically took me out. This time of year is a germy one, so I’m not surprised that I finally went down with something. I’m not 100% myself yet, but I’m hoping to improve soon.


A few highlights from the morning at Easter Eggstravaganza

One piece of sad news is Jeremy’s Uncle Dan passed away on Sunday. It was expected but still hard. I know it’s been weighing on Jeremy. Easter season is a busy time at work and we have been fighting illness around our house. The loss of a loved one is a lot to throw into our already crazy mix. It’s been a somber week at times as we reflect and grieve. The great news is Dan is now healed and with his Savior. There is no better place for him to be and we rejoice that he is no longer in pain.


Jeremy sent me this photo of himself while visiting with his family after Dan’s passing. I asked Owen who was in this picture and he told me “That’s Owen right there!”

Despite not feeling well, my mom and I braved Carter’s this week to get the boys Easter outfits. I remember that I didn’t like matching with April when I was little, but now that I am a mom, I am drawn to matching clothes for the boys. My mom reminded me that there is only a short window where I will be allowed to dress them in matching clothes, so I went for it. Poor kids. Because Easter morning will most likely be hurried and crazy, I decided to do Easter pictures with the boys Tuesday afternoon. Owen’s hair was a bit bed-headish, but these are real memories… This isn’t a photo studio. This is real life and honestly, I have never been able to tame Owen’s hair. I was happy that I got couple of smiley shots. It seems like getting the toddler to smile for pictures is nearly impossible, so this was a big win for me.


Happy Easter from Owen & Graham


Just for fun: Three Easters for Owen. It’s amazing how much he changes each year!

Now for the potty training update. Owen has been totally dry for over a week now! He has done all his business in the potty for the last three days!!! Woo hoo! He is even mostly dry when it comes to nap time and getting up in the morning. When we go out to stores, we take him to the restroom right when we get there and when we leave. Tuesday while at Carter’s he asked to use the restroom without any prompting from me. The only downside to having such a motivated potty trainer is the pee that gets everywhere. He doesn’t always wait for me to help him and we have had some messy moments as he tries to do things on his own. Yesterday I was cleaning in the kitchen when I walked into the bathroom to discover that Owen had pooped. In getting off the toilet, he had made a mess and he informed me that there was “poop everywhere.” Yes, my child, you are right. On the floor, on the toilet, on the toddler. Best intentions… Each week he seems to get a better grasp of the concept. I’m not sure when things will get less messy, but I’m guessing “clean” potty training isn’t a top priority for Owen. Overall, he is doing great. I’m tempted to try cotton underwear next week.


Owen discovered Super Why on a cereal box! He loves the alphabet. This cereal is right up his alley!

I know you all are thrilled to read about the bathroom habits of my two year old. However, this is my life right now. Cleaning up poop, pee, and spit up… You better believe my house smells awesome! So do the kids… Hmm… Not so much.

Tomorrow is Jeremy’s birthday and this weekend is Easter. We have lots of springtime fun planned. I filled eggs for Owen’s egg hunt during his nap today. Owen won’t be too picky about what is in the eggs this year so I used spare change, stickers he got for Christmas and bouncy balls that he got last Easter! I am winning in the parenting department as you can tell. Yep. My sister called me resourceful. I’m really just cheap.


My awesome Easter eggs are ready for this weekend! Gotta love spare change, stickers and bouncy balls!


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