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Graham – 5 months! March 22, 2016

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5 months!

Graham is officially 5 months old as of Saturday. Because Saturday was Easter Eggstravaganza, the big 5 month milestone was a blur… I got the 5 month picture in about three minutes before having to get Owen up and head out the door for the church. Saturday, Graham survived being my buddy from 9am-4pm at the church. He wondered around with grandparents, took naps, hung out with me at the MOPS bake sale with remarkably little fuss.

It seems like this last month disappeared in the blink of an eye. I have to really think about all has happened in the last month when it comes to changes in Graham. I am happy to report that Graham has mastered rolling from his tummy to his back. He is very close to being able to roll from his back to his tummy. He still tends to me a bit slouchy. He is a supported sitter, but really needs bit more neck strength before he starts sitting up on his own.

Graham is enjoying rice cereal. He seems to take it no problem. Jeremy tried carrots with him once but he wasn’t too interested in those. We’ll try some new foods soon, but for now rice cereal is the way to go. I’m totally surprised since Owen hated rice cereal. These boys are such opposites. I love seeing how they are both different even from a young age.

Graham loves watching Owen play. He is so interested in all the hub bub and chaos that the toddler produces. Graham also loves to play with his toys. However, he gets frustrated when he drops one and can’t pick it up. Right now he gets bored easily so we move from playing with toys, to being held, to the jumperoo and back again many times throughout the day.

Now that Graham is 5 months old, we are weaning him off the medicine for his acid reflux. He gets it in the mornings until the bottle runs out. I’m curious to see how he handles this transition. He has been spitting up more recently but that started before we started to wean him off the meds. I’m not sure that the extra spitting up is related to his acid reflux. We’ve had some germs making their way through our family this week and I’m thinking that the extra spit up might be more bug related. Time will tell.

Each month I get more excited about the little man that he is becoming. I’m the first to admit that I’m not a huge fan of the baby stage. It’s just not my favorite. It’s a sweet season of life, but I love to see Graham grow in independence and gain new skills. Each milestone is a celebration. 5 months is so much fun. I know that the days will get more enjoyable as he learns new things. I love each new season that Owen grows into and I am excited for Graham to share in the milestones that are still ahead of him.

I know that someday he’ll be running around like crazy with his brother. I do take moments to smell his little head and take in that baby scent. He still likes snuggle from time to time and I treasure the smiles that I can get from simply bobbing my head and making silly sounds. These are good days (even with the spit up and blow out diapers)!


Ready to explore Easter Eggstravaganza with Grandma


Eating lunch with Grandpa at Easter Eggstravaganza


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