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March Madness in Full Swing March 18, 2016

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It’s the day before the big day. Tomorrow is Easter Eggstravaganza. It’s always our biggest day of the year. My hubby has been working non-stop on getting the details in place and the team ready. Today our little family went down to the church to help put on the finishing touches. It’s hard to serve with a toddler alongside of you, but today Owen helped his daddy push a cart and unload prize baskets and put them in a row. Surprisingly, he did this with accuracy and he wasn’t interested in taking them a part to play. He was all about the task at hand. It made me proud to see him being such a great helper.

Our last week has been a big one. On Monday, I took the van on it’s first adventure out of the area (with me as the driver). Graham and I went up north to meet my friend, Maggie, for lunch. I was a little nervous about driving out of area, but all went smoothly. I’m adapting to the minivan. So far no accidents or major freak outs. Monday was a nice break from the ordinary. I don’t get to do lunch and shopping with a girlfriend all that often. It was a special blessing.

Tuesday was MOPS. Wednesday was church. Thursday my mom came over to help me with the kids so I could get my baking on. Our MOPS group is doing a bake sale this weekend at Easter Eggstravaganza. I made 5 dozen cupcakes and 10 dozen cookies. The cupcakes got packaged in clear cups and covered with Press’n’Seal wrap and I used cute zipper bags with Easter eggs on them to package 2 cookies each. I wanted to keep an Easter theme so I used Easter baking cups, spring colored sprinkles and the Easter zipper bags. It was a crazy day of frantic baking. I couldn’t have pulled it off without my mom. Graham also took a long morning nap which helped. My mom navigated playing with the toddler, helping with potty training, feeding the toddler and holding the baby. What a big help!

I got my baked goods all safely down to the church this morning. I’m working the booth to sell the goodies at our 2:00pm egg hunt. Tomorrow morning, Owen will attend the 10:00am hunt. He was sick with the flu last year so this will be his first time on the field. I’m curious to see how it goes. Once he has experienced enough of the big event, he will come home with Grandma for nap time. Graham will be along for the ride with me the whole day. I’m praying that goes well. It’s a big day and lots of time at church.

On a totally random note, Jeremy, Owen and I all filled out brackets for March Madness. Owen and I were beating Jeremy up until Michigan State went down. I had them winning it all. Oops. On Wednesday while Owen splashed in the tub, Jeremy questioned him with either/or questions to set up his own bracket. Owen loved any number that ended in a teen, he picked his favorite letters and has Gonzaga going to the final game because Jeremy labeled Gonzaga as “Grandpa”. However, Owen loved saying Oklahoma more than he loved saying Grandpa. He has Oklahoma winning the tournament. We shall see which Scott comes out on top (hint – it won’t be me). Last year I did really well and called the winning game. It was a hard blow to see Michigan State ruin my chances of doing that again.

And now the potty training update. Owen is 90% day time potty trained. He even asks to use the potty now while at church. Today he has been accident free. We plan on using diapers for nap time and bedtime, but right now he is doing excellent during the day. We are still using pull-ups because I don’t want to harp on him. When he wears cotton underwear, I worry too much about accidents and annoy him to death with questions about using the potty. I’m learning that it has to be his idea to go. He is getting good at letting us know when he needs to use the potty. I only ask him now if it’s been a while since his last visit. The only downside to all this is Owen has amazing bladder control. He can go little bit and then have to go again 5 minutes later. We spend a lot of time going and back forth to the potty. If the dry days continue, we’re going to have to take the plunge and try the cotton underwear again soon.

Potty training, March Madness, Easter Eggstravaganza, MOPS Bake Sale. All big things. On a sadder note, Jeremy’s uncle is in failing health. We are waiting for the news that he passed at any moment. Each text Jeremy gets makes me wonder if it’s the “one”. This is an incredibly hard situation and definitely on our minds as we charge through our daily commitments. Life is full of ups and downs. Life and death. Speaking of life, I’m also happy to announce that I’m going to be an auntie again. Another little Scott is set to enter the world this September. I think that happy announcement is a great way to end this long rambling update.  Can’t wait to share how our the big event goes tomorrow! I’m sure Owen’s first giant egg hunt will be a story worth telling.


Amazon delivers toddlers!


Little PK taking a nap in the back of the room during Kid’s Church.


Nothing beats a lunch with Maggie! Such a blessing!


Saying good morning to Papa at MOPS


This is what happens when you poop in the nursery jumper. The nursery staff was nice enough to give my messy boy a bath. Way above the call of duty.


Excited to read!


In the middle of the baking project


All done! The box I used to transport the treats is the same box Owen could fit in!


Serving together as a family! Also, you gotta love the all camo outfit Owen picked out for himself.



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