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Potty Training, Rolling Over and Growing Up March 11, 2016

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Wow. What a week it has been. Last Saturday, we spent the day shopping in Portland. We decided to take along the potty seat so we could keep up with Owen’s interest in potty training. He did so well on our day out that we decided on Monday we would use cotton training pants this week. I’ve heard that using cotton underwear can be a turning point for some kids. Once they realize that they aren’t in a diaper it motivates them to stay dry. Oh Monday. It began a truly epic week. Owen peed on the potty 18 times! We had 6 accidents but the cotton training pants seemed to do a good job of absorbing the mess. Nothing too traumatizing. However, the day was exhausting. 18 pees in 12 hours had me on my toes. We were always going potty. Graham had a rough day. He was constantly being set down so I could take care of Owen. Between the potty training toddler, the crying baby and the dog who needed to go out often, I was frazzled at the end of the day. It was a long one! But I still I thought it was a good a start.


Enjoying a reward for an awesome day of peeing in the back of the minivan!

Tuesday is when things really broke down. I got up and Graham was fussy and Toby was barking at everything and Owen was having accidents left and right. Unlike the day before these accidents were puddles on the floor. After a crazy morning of trying to recapture the mojo of the day before, we switched back to pull ups by noon. Owen was still using the potty often, but I didn’t want to clean up accidents. From that point on potty training has become complicated. Owen is interested and using the potty more than his diaper. He loves getting stickers for his reward. He has had many victories, but he also has been moody. He wants to use the potty. He doesn’t want to use the potty. He has more mood swings than a teenage girl. I will admit that this back and forth has made me very cranky. I’m trying to be sweet and calm and for the most part I’m not losing it in front of Owen, but on the inside I’m exhausted. So much work!!! I’m frankly at the point where he can potty train himself at an adult! Diapers forever!!!


Potty training involves lots of stickers for Owen, reading material, multiple potties in various locations and a ton of chocolate for me!

I would totally stop this process if he wasn’t so interested it. I don’t want to kill his momentum because it’s frustrating or tiring for me. An interesting twist is that potty train goes over really well with Daddy. Owen is 100% better if he is interacting with Jeremy instead of me. Maybe potty training can be left as father/son bonding on weeknights and weekends. I don’t want this to be a negative experience. I’ve heard that potty training boys can be difficult. I knew this was coming. No matter what I knew, I wasn’t prepared. Hopefully more positive updates lay ahead in the potty training department. I’ve already started to day dream about a life without diapers for Owen. It’s so close. I hope it happens soon!

It’s also been a milestone week for Graham! He has had his first tastes of solid foods. He started with rice cereal. Owen never cared for rice cereal, so of course, Graham likes it. I’m excited to see that Graham has an option now for food that isn’t a bottle. This should give me a chance to get out and away from the kiddos for a short period of time. I love my boys, but a little space can be a good thing. The little bit of freedom that rice cereal brings into our lives is worth celebrating.


A happy boy enjoying his rice cereal!

Graham also chose to rollover for the first time this week. He has been rolling on his side and moving about by pushing with his feet for some time now. I knew he could rollover, but just wouldn’t do it. I was excited to see him hit this milestone because it was one that Owen skipped. Just today, we pulled out the jumperoo so Graham can have more stimulation and enjoy playing in a standing position. He is getting better at being a supported sitter. I look forward to him sitting up on his own and being able to play with toys even more. Graham also enjoys watching Owen play. I know the days of them playing together are soon around the corner.


The jumperoo is back!

These boys are growing up quickly. Graham is one week away from being 5 months old. He is hitting milestones left and right. He is a happy, smiley baby. He loves to talk now. He is a little chatterbox. I love his sweet baby coos. Daddy also gets the best giggles out of him. Owen’s new obsession (besides potty training) is the alphabet. He loves letters. It’s been a joy to watch him recognize letters. He’ll list off letters as we pass signs while driving. He loves to point out letters on shirts. It makes me laugh because he is into the letters on the screen when Jeremy watches Sports Center. It’s exciting to see him learning. He is starting to memorize songs and stories as well. I know he can’t read, but it’s fun to listen to him following along with a story saying the words with me. These sweet boys are a handful, but a wonderful gift. I love watching them grow into themselves. It’s such an honor and they are a delight.


Enjoying having Mommy all to himself while brother naps!


My little loves!


Love getting photos like this from Jeremy!


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