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Graham – 4 month update! February 19, 2016

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4 months!

Our littlest man is 4 months old today. A third of a year! He continues to grow and change. He is getting to that stage where he has personality and his little self is shining through. It amazes me that I am once again getting to know a little human. Each kiddo is different and similar. It’s been fun to see Graham becoming his own person.

At four months old, Graham is a supported sitter. He has used the Bumbo a few times and seems to like it more each time we use it. He had his first Bumbo blow out diaper on Wednesday! That was a crazy mess. He also had his first time sitting at the table in the Bumbo. Owen, Jeremy and I were all eating dinner and Graham was sitting in the Bumbo watching us from “his seat” at the table. It was super cute. Now that he is a supported sitter, we are hoping to try some solid foods in the next month or so. A lot of people wait until their little ones are six months to try solids, but Graham hasn’t been having much luck with bottles. He doesn’t get one all that often and each time he seems to forget how they work. I’m hoping that solid foods might give caregivers an option other than milk when I’m away. Plus, Graham is very interested in what we are eating. He is a chewer, biter and licker. Everything goes into mouth right now.

In other developments, Graham is close to rolling over. Owen didn’t roll over for what felt like forever. I’m hoping that Graham will get on the rolling train sooner than Owen did. Jeremy reminds me that Owen walks just fine so who cares if Graham rolls over a certain time. I can get hung up on wanting textbook development, but I know that Jeremy is right. Rolling over at a certain time isn’t the end of the world.

Graham also loves to stand like a big boy. He loves to be up and looking out. We’ve been using the baby carrier more than we did with Owen. This gives Graham the feeling of being held and he loves to be a part of the action. I’m now back to the stage of doing house chores with a baby strapped on me. I view it as burning more calories!

Jeremy and I have a different opinion on if Graham talks more than Owen did. I thought that Graham talks less than Owen did at this age. I don’t get a lot of baby choos out of him. Jeremy, on the other hand, will have lengthy conversations with Graham. This little boy loves to talk and smile at his daddy. According to Jeremy, they have a bond. Jeremy is also the one that Graham chooses to nap on. Jeremy can lay Graham on his chest and Graham will nod off for a nap. This never happens for me. It’s sweet to see them share special things.

Graham is starting to have a nap routine. Usually within two hours of being awake, he wants to go back to sleep. Most days, he is taking a 1-2 hour morning nap and another 1-2 hour afternoon nap. If he gets a good morning nap than the afternoon one tends to be shorter. Ideally, I would love the afternoon nap to be the longer one so he could sleep at the same time as Owen. However, a sleeping baby is a happier baby. I’m thrilled that a nap routine is forming regardless of when the naps happen. Plus, when Graham is down in the morning, I get to have one on one time with Owen and that makes me happy. Even with the household noise of a toddler, Graham stays down well. The great thing is I can put him in his room awake and he falls asleep on his own. Owen always had to go down for naps asleep. Graham is spoiling me in the nap department.

Life around our house is never dull. Graham is starting to watch Owen play and be entertained by his older brother. Owen for the most part does a good job of being gentle with the baby. He will ask to hold him. He also offers Graham kisses and snuggles. For the most part, he puts up with Graham being around but doesn’t pay much attention to him. I’m sure that will change when Graham gets mobile and wants to play with Owen toys. Oh the joys of sharing! I’m looking forward to the days where they interact with each more and even start playing together. Owen always wants a buddy to play trains with him and I’m hoping that someday Graham will be that playmate.

Each months brings more changes, smiles and love. I love my two little boys. They are a wild adventure and I am doing my best to keep up with them. Our house might be a nutty most days, but I’m adapting to the crazy. And I randomly call in other adult reinforcements to keep me sane. Just yesterday we enjoyed a morning spent hanging with my sister and earlier this week, my mom came over to help me with bedtime while Jeremy was away. I’m thankful for family support as I attempt to keep these kiddos alive.


Don’t take me away from Daddy


A favorite place to nap


Love those big eyes and big cheeks!


Big brothers literally walk all over you


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