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What We’ve Been Up To.. February 8, 2016

Filed under: Simply Me — Amy Scott @ 3:37 pm

Here is a blog about what we’ve been up in the last week or so – not much. Owen got a head cold last Tuesday and was nice enough to share it with Graham and I. Our life has been on the quiet side since we’ve had to cancel plans and lay low. We did get out to run some errands this weekend and watch the Super Bowl at my parent’s house yesterday. My parent’s got a new dog this weekend. We gave the new pup a chance to see what a crazy visit from our family is like. She handled the chaos like a champ. We are happy to welcome Teassie to the family!


Hanging at Lowe’s with my boys


Watching the family play Just Dance


How I found Graham when I went to pick him up from the nursery at church.


Look! I can grab the giraffe!


Sick day selfie


Jeremy had to do a few projects around the church. Owen ran around the gym and Graham and I walked laps. It was a good exercise night for all of us.


The Scott boys wearing orange for the Broncos!


Super Bowl time!


April and the newest member of the family.


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