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Change is inevitable (or so it seems) January 24, 2016

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In big and small ways a lot has changed in the Scott household. The end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016 have left our family reeling. Some good things. Some hard things. Lots of emotions. So many emotions…

After doing a ton of minivan research and totally blowing our minds with details, Jeremy’s phone died. It was a long time coming since it has been cracked for months. With the death of Jeremy’s phone came more discussions, details and research. After comparing new plans and numbers, we decided to switch cell phone carriers. I have been with AT&T since I got my first phone at age 16. AT&T is all I’ve ever known. It’s comfortable to stay with familiar things. However, after crunching the numbers, we switched to Verizon. I know this is a small thing, but it gave us a major headache as we tried to figure out the right direction to go. I think our brains were fried from major minivan decision. Now we have new phones and a new cell carrier. Weird.

If buying a minivan, getting a new phone and turning 30 weren’t enough to making my head spin, we had to take our minivan into the dealer. Why you ask? Because I washed the car key. The electronic car key. The car would start with the key, but it would no longer lock or unlock the doors. This was our only key and a new key would cost $300. I felt sick. I couldn’t believe I had done something dumb and expensive. After calling around, Jeremy talked with a dealer that noticed an open recall on the keys. We were without the van for 24 hours, but we got 3 new keys for free thanks to the recall. It was crazy to be back in the car for a short period of time. After riding in the van, the car felt really cozy.

That brings me to the car. We listed it on Craig’s List with no interest. We listed it a bit high and there were plenty of similar cars in the same price range. We weren’t surprised to see that no one was biting. Then we got a call through a friend connection. On Saturday morning we got the call that they were interested and then by that afternoon the car was sold. Jeremy had some paperwork in the file for the car from my grandpa (the car was originally my grandparent’s). The paper had my grandpa’s handwriting and the stationary from his business that is now gone. Oh my! The emotions. Here we were selling car that we brought both of our babies home from the hospital with and I was sad to say good bye to the car because it’s been a good friend. We had many adventures in the car… but seeing the paperwork from my grandpa made me get a bit teary. The emotions have been riding a high these days.

Let’s add to the emotions, we got a phone call on Friday from someone who was interested in placing our Toby dog with a new family. I don’t want to blog about this… I do, but I don’t. This summer I seriously looked into placing Toby with a new home and all the doors seemed to be closed to me. It was hard to come to a place where I was ready to let him go. There are lots of pros to not having a dog, but the main reason we let Toby go was he isn’t good with small children. I’m constantly trying to keep him away from Owen. Owen and Toby had a love hate relationship. They had good times and bad times. But the problem is Toby is a biter. He has bitten Owen multiple times and others as well. I’ve stopped having play dates at my house because I’ve been too worried about my dog biting kids. It’s a rough road. Toby is a sweet, lap dog. He is perfect for an adult with a quiet life. He loves to snuggle. He adores attention. Our home was just no longer a good fit. Anyway, the doors opened quickly for Toby to leave our household. It was a hard decision, but Toby left us this afternoon. Oh the emotions. Ahhhhh!!!! It’s been a rough afternoon/evening. I’m not entirely sure that the worst is over yet. Owen keeps looking for Toby. Every time he asks I tell him that Toby is on a new adventure. It makes me sad to see Owen looking for Toby when their rough relationship is the main reason Toby is gone. Again ahhhh…. As Toby drove off, Owen said “Bye bye Tobers”. Tobers is one of the many nicknames we have for him. Have… Had… Time to start using past tense. There is a chance that if things don’t go well with Toby and his placement, he might come back to us. I doubt he will, but it could happen. There are a lot of pros that I don’t feel like listing right now because mainly I’m just sad. Really sad.

Moving on… Life has done a good job of making my brain reel. As silly has it sounds, since the arrival of Graham a lot of things have turned upside down for me. Adding an infant to the family, having struggles with Graham’s health, having to change my diet… all of the things I mentioned above and more. I feel a bit unsteady. There is so much good in the midst of the change. God is doing something. Jeremy and I can feel it. He is shaking us up. We are trying to keep up with him and trust more each day with whatever happens. There is a lot to process. Lots of decisions to make. We are doing the best we can for our family. Today has been hard. The good definitely outweighs the bad, but today, at this moment… it’s rough. I know our family will find a new normal… At least, I hope so. Normal would feel good right now. But maybe normal is a myth. I guess I’ll find out with time.


Happy Baby Boy


Taking sefies with the littles to pass the time.


This what happens when I leave the toddler unsupervised. On the bright side, he is very interested in the letters that spell his name.


I will miss my nap buddy!


Out to dinner with my boys after picking up the minivan. Love these guys!


The baby was sleeping on my lap. Owen was having a pre-nap snuggle with Jeremy. They were playing a Thomas game together.


Toby’s last picture… Looking out the window seems fitting. Waiting for his new adventure to begin.



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