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Graham – 3 months! January 19, 2016

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3 months old today!

Graham has survived a quarter of a year with us. Or the other way around. Maybe we’ve survived him! I’m happy to report that he is a much improved kid now that he takes meds for acid reflux. It’s great to see him more relaxed. I truly appreciate not having a screaming baby 24/7. It’s been like a chain reaction. Now that Graham is more chill, Owen has gone back to being more chill around the house as well. No more diving for my lap or freaking out for attention. It seems like we have found a much more normal balance.

Things are starting to find a flow again. Right now both boys are napping at the same time. I can’t get Graham down for naps in his room with Owen around. I’m working hard to make sure that they both go down at the same time in the afternoon. This gives me a short window to not be on kid duty. It doesn’t always work out, but it’s now my goal to get them both sleeping their rooms at the same time. With Owen it was easy to work out a nap schedule. Graham is subjected to an older brother who makes tons of noise. Our house and Graham’s room placement doesn’t help cover up the noise of the toddler. I have a fan on Graham’s room for white noise, but that doesn’t always cover up the sounds of the house. Plus, I would love to quietly put Graham down, but Owen is always by my side. He talks loudly and doesn’t understand the concept of putting the baby down for a nap. Thus, Graham’s nap time is always after Owen is down for his nap. Graham will just have to live with interrupted daytime sleep.

The big news is that Graham now sleeps through the night. He sleeps 9-11 hours every night! He has been in his own room for a week now and I am singing the praises of having my space back. I love not having baby central in my bedroom. Now that Graham is sleeping solidly, I’ve been staying up about an hour or so after he goes down. With more rest, I’m not as ready to go to sleep the second Graham is unconscious. It’s nice to have some downtime without the kids before going to bed for the night. It’s amazing how life improves when solid sleep is finally achieved. I am so beyond happy. I am a much better person when I get my sleep.

Graham is just now starting to show interest in toys. He likes to grab things and hold them. He especially loves grabbing onto blankets and pulling them up to his face to suck on. He is a little Linus. I think a lot of times he grabs a blanket to hid from the noise and a chaos surrounding him. He will lay for short periods of time on his playmat and look up at the toys and mirror. Owen will snatch any baby toy I give Graham so we cycle through a lot of toys in the hopes of keeping both boys happy. It’s interesting to me that Owen is way more fascinated with baby toys as a toddler than he ever was an infant. He loves them. As Graham continues to grow and develop, I know that play time and toys will become an even bigger part of our lives. Graham is doing well at holding his head up and getting stronger. I look forward to the days where he can sit up on own and play with Owen.

Owen can now say Graham’s name. However, he says Baby Graham not just plain Graham. He also says Baby Boy a lot. It’s cute to see Owen learning how to treat a baby and what makes baby happy. He still enjoys giving Graham hugs and kisses. I’ve learned that I can use Graham to get Owen to do things. Owen will do almost anything if Graham has done it. Whenever I clip Graham’s nails, Owen asks for his nails to be clipped too. The other day I wanted to get Owen into his Seahawks jersey, but he didn’t want to until he saw me put Graham into his Seahawks onesie. Maybe there is some logic behind matching outfits.

Overall, Graham seems to be improving and growing and in general doing what he should do for a 3 month old. He has almost outgrown size 3 month clothing. I pulled out all the 3-6 month clothing last night. He is also graduating into size 2 diapers. I am looking forward to getting his weight at our doctor’s appointment at the end of the month. I’m sure he isn’t putting on a pound a week like before, but he is growing. He remains my little stout chunk.

The days are long and zany around this house, but we are slowly reclaiming ground and finding our new normal. It’s taken a while, but I’m not starting to feel more human again. Hopefully all the night sleep will help me keep up with these crazy busy and wonderful boys.



Chunky Monkey


Hanging in the minivan while we deep cleaned it


Seahawks and Camo!


Watching some late night TV


Trying to get a nice picture of the boys… It didn’t work out so well.


Graham thinks my lap is the best place to nap


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