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The Big 3-0 January 16, 2016

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It happened! I entered my thirties! Whoa! To celebrate my birthday, I had a day where I let myself eat dairy. It was my first time testing waters (well, sorta. I had a small amount of cheese a few weeks ago). I wanted to see how Graham would do if I ate a day full of dairy. Because the small amount of cheese didn’t bother him, I had high hopes for my dairy day. I am happy to report that Graham suffered no ill effects from me eating dairy. I’m tempted to give up the dairy free diet altogether. If anything, I might allow myself to have dairy when I eat out or on special occasions. I’m still undecided. We have a follow up appointment with the GI specialist at the end of the month. I might wait until after the appointment to make a final decision on where dairy stands in my life.

Anyway, the day kind of revolved around food since I was going to let myself eat whatever I wanted without worrying about restrictions. The morning started off at a local spot for breakfast with my boys, mom and sister. I had a waffle with strawberries and whip cream. It was delicious! YUM! We took off after breakfast to hit Hobby Lobby. I had a vision of decorating a blank wall in our house. We walked out of Hobby Lobby with many new pieces that look great on our wall. I’ll post a picture when the project is complete. After Hobby Lobby, it was lunch at P.F. Chang’s. Jeremy told the waitress that it was my birthday so I got a giant slab of chocolate for free. And they don’t sing to you there. A non-embarrassing free birthday dessert is a win my book! The afternoon was spent shopping for some new clothes now that I’m living with a post baby body again. The shopping was very successful and not too painful. Praise Jesus! Dinner was clam chowder at Ivar’s and dessert at Krispy Kreme. Overall, a fantastic and ambitious day spent with my hubby and little boys. Jeremy took the day off to be with me and made this big outing happen. It was super sweet of him. He made the day special and wonderful. I was very blessed.

Today, I had my family over to celebrate with them. We made a huge pasta bar and we will be living off the leftovers for days. Pasta is a great for a dairy free meal and I made my lemon cake for dessert. Like most birthdays, Owen tends to be the star of the show. The kid demands an audience. Various family members took turns playing at the train table with him and running amok around the house. Graham as always got passed around and came back to me numerous times so he can could eat. It was a fun night to just hang out and enjoy the company of my loved ones. Good times all around.

30 has been pretty great so far. I’ve been loved on by so many friends and family. Three different friends gave me Starbucks cards so I am well stocked for the beginning of 2016. I might have to hit it before church tomorrow and splurge! I feel so blessed. I am loved by many and I am thankful for the people God has placed in my life. Seriously, age doesn’t matter as long as you are surrounded by people who make life a joy. I am thankful! I have a feeling my thirties are going to be amazing!




A special birthday red cup


Lunch at P.F. Chang’s!


2nd birthday celebration with the family tonight


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