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Christmas Rounds 1,2,3 & Graham Update December 29, 2015

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We have celebrated three rounds of Christmas so far with one more gathering still to come next weekend. I love spreading Christmas out over a few days. It makes the holiday season last longer. On Christmas Eve, we had Owen open his presents from us (and one from Santa). Owen was blessed with multiple Thomas toys and spent the morning happily playing with his new trains. Jeremy and I spent the day making dairy/soy free goodies for me to enjoy at the various gatherings we would be attending. Christmas Eve evening was spent at Jeremy’s parent’s house. We did a white elephant gift exchange with the extended family. Owen walked away with an another Thomas toy and some Hot Wheels! It was a very good day!


Merry Christmas, Owen!

Christmas morning we drove up north to celebrate with my extended family. I was so impressed that we were the second family to arrive after my parents (who always arrive at the crack of dawn). Owen got more Thomas items (go figure) and Graham got his first presents. Jeremy and I didn’t get presents for Owen’s first Christmas and the same has held true for Graham. Next year will be fun with two boys to shop for. My extended family also does a white elephant style gift exchange. I walked away with what I brought. I am now the happy owner of more silicone baking mats.  Victory!!!


Merry Christmas, Graham!

The day after Christmas is a shopping day for our family. Usually we drive down to Portland, but we had plans to go to the movies that night and we didn’t want to make it as big of a day. We were up in Olympia before the mall was open. We got Owen a few things. Mainly we were looking for a few Thomas shirts so he can wear Thomas out and about and not be in his pajamas. We also got him a new pillow for his crib. My mom got him a holiday pillow and he has since adjusted to having a pillow with him in bed. He now has a dump truck pillow that he has slept with every night. It’s adorable. Saturday evening we went to see the new Stars Wars movie with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law. We crashed their date! We enjoyed the movie despite having to sit to in the 2nd row. The theater was crazy busy!


Shopping the day after Christmas! Starting off with Starbucks!

Sunday was our family Christmas with the Scotts! Uncle Eric & Aunt Andrea finally got to meet Graham. It was the first time the whole family was together since October and the first complete family gathering with Graham. I love the chaos of opening presents and watching the kids reactions. The kids didn’t appreciate that I wrapped their gifts in diaper boxes. They assumed that I was giving them diapers. Oops. The kiddos got to watch big fat snowflakes fall outside the window and they even took a wet walk in it. It was a fantastic day.


The whole Scott clan

Now on to Graham. We had our appointment with a GI specialist yesterday. Graham as been diagnosed with acid reflux. This was much better news than we were expecting. The doctor wasn’t concerned about the microscopic amounts of blood in his diapers. That was a relief to me. Graham will now be on Zantac and some soothing drops for colic. I was also told that I can eat soy again. I will have to continue the dairy free diet until Graham is 6 months old, but that is less than 4 months away. I think I can make it until then! There is a light at the end of the tunnel! I’m really praying that Graham will improve with the medicine and this new diagnosis.


Waiting for Brother to wake up so we can open presents


Opening presents

IMG_0405 crop

Two toddlers watching Thomas




Love being an aunt!


Graham was loving the Christmas celebration!


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