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Graham: Two Months! December 19, 2015

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Two months old!

Graham is two months old today! Parenting two is so different. When it came to updating monthly on Owen, I felt like I was studying a new creature. I had so much to say about his monthly development. I wasn’t used to baby life. Everything was new. Graham, on the other hand…. I guess I could sum up this blog in two sentences – Graham is two months old. The end. Just kidding. Graham has fully mastered the art of smiling and cooing. He likes to talk and streak. My chill baby has been replaced with a very fussy baby. This has made life complicated. On Thursday, I had my sister over for a visit in the morning and then I called in my mom for reinforcements in the afternoon. It’s been a rough week. Graham wants to eat or be held – 24/7. I’ve been able to get very little done around the house. That includes keeping up with my toddler. Owen has been practically diving into my lap whenever it is free. Plus, Owen has been sick this week, so he has been extra clingy as well. One mama and two clingy kids is a recipe for disaster. Oh my. It’s been insane. I love my kids, but man, it’s not always fun being home with them. I still hold to the truth that I am grateful to be with them, regardless of their attitudes.

IMG_9986As with each update, Graham’s tummy is still the big problem. He just isn’t feeling good and it’s hard to be a happy baby when you don’t feel good. It makes me sad. We have his two month well check on Monday. I plan on having them check his diapers again. I’m fairly positive they will still have blood in them. Our appointment with the specialist is in just over a week and I am so ready to have some answers. It’s been a long wait and I am growing impatient. I want to know why changing my diet hasn’t helped Graham feel better. I want to know if he really does have a dairy/soy intolerance or if it’s a different problem. Eating dairy/soy free has been hard for me when I see no improvement with Graham. I am happy to report, I did find a “cheeze” pizza with fairly decent flavor. The cheese stuck to my teeth in a weird way, but the food tasted okay. Also it was dairy/soy/gluten/egg free. If I have to cut gluten and egg out of my diet in the future, at least I can still eat that pizza. I might have to live off it… I’m learning a lot about alternative foods and I’m finding that cheese is hard to replicate. So far in the cooking/baking department, I have been impressed with coconut oil and almond milk. I did learn the hard way that almond milk doesn’t work for making pudding. The poor pudding didn’t thicken up at all and stayed pudding soup. I was really craving chocolate that night so it was a bummer that it didn’t turn out. I will admit that I did eat a serving of the pudding soup just so I could have the chocolate flavor.


Christmas Sweater

Life with Graham has been an adventure. He is still sleeping on our room since sleeping through the night has not been achieved yet. Graham wakes up about every three hours. He has given us some 5 hour stretches a few times. I’m thinking once he masters 6 hours on a regular basis then maybe I’ll be up for moving him to his room. I’m also trying to figure out nap time with a big brother in the house making a ton of noise. I’ve moved Graham into his room to sleep in the swing a few times. He doesn’t stay asleep super long, but the logic has been to get him out of the center of the toddler chaos in the living room. Jeremy tried to put Graham down for a nap in his crib today, but Graham woke up and was so taken with looking at the penguins on the wall that he didn’t go back to sleep. The two big things I would love to see improve would be Graham’s tummy and his sleep. I’m thinking that if we can make progress with his tummy then his sleep will improve as well. I’m hoping… I keeping praying for him to be a happier kid all around.

I’m fully expecting Graham to weigh in on the chunky side at Monday’s appointment. He is filling out three month clothes like a champ. I’m so surprised to have a chunky kid! His tummy is huge. It’s quite the sight! He is way more wide than he is tall. I’m so intrigued to see where his percentiles will fall. I love getting stats at well checks, but getting shots is no fun. The first few times Owen got shots, he also got fevers with them. I’m really hoping that Graham handles the shots well. He is so unhappy as it is that he doesn’t need shots making him feel worse.

Speaking of Graham, he is stirring from his sleep. I better go be a parent! I’ll update you with his stats and our family happenings soon. Stay tuned!


Hanging with Auntie at our Class Christmas Party on Wednesday


Napping on Mama


Stretching his legs out of the car seat while Daddy and Brother go shopping for our upcoming Children’s Church Christmas Party.


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