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Writing Therapy! December 2, 2015

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Okay. I don’t really have a cohesive blog put together in my mind. I just need to write. This is our life right now.

Owen can now open all doors. Gone are the days of privacy. Owen had a pajama party on MOPS on Tuesday. I love the group photo of the kids because Owen is the only one with his arms out. He wants me. Makes me laugh so much.


The MOPS kiddos in their pajamas! Can you find Owen?

Graham is starting to smile and talk on a regular basis. He took his first bottle from Jeremy last night like a champ. I’m hoping to go to the movies this week and experience some freedom. Jeremy has taken the boys on two short outings so I can have alone time. It was glorious.


Smiley boy

Eating at home has been going well for me. I miss cheese a lot. I’ve now had a Chipotle bowl without cheese, a burger at Red Robin without cheese and a chili without cheese. They were all good, but cheese was greatly missed. Baking has been a good outlet for me. I love seeing what I can make with the new products I have in the house.


Yay for being able to eat some form of chocolate! It’s actually not that bad!

Graham went back to the doctor today. He hasn’t been improving even with my diet changes. He is weighing 10lbs. 5oz. Part of his spitting up problem is probably related to overeating. This kid is a chunk. His tummy is still causing him trouble and his diaper that was tested today had blood in it. We will now move on to seeing a specialist and have him tested for specific allergies. I have a feeling that we might have to move to a formula based diet for him. This isn’t my ideal path and not my first choice. We’ll see what the specialist says. I want my kiddo to be happy and healthy. It’s been hard to see him struggle.

This week, we had a Christmas party for MOPS. The whole month of December is dedicated to Christmas in my Wednesday night class. Hopefully tomorrow we will get our Christmas tree. This weekend the kids will perform their Christmas musical at church. Owen will have his first stage experience. His class will sing a song in service. I wonder how that will go! Sunday I will also be attending a Christmas ballet and a Christmas dinner. As you can see, the holiday season is full swing here.

That’s all for now!


This kid knows how to relax


Finally got a picture of the four of us for our Christmas card! This photo was a month in the making…


Dinner out with my main man and littlest man!


Reading his “Dible”


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