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Making It November 4, 2015

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Update time! Here we are another week into this family of four thing. It seems like a lot has happened in just one week. Last Wednesday Graham had another doctor’s appointment. This one was for his circumcision and a slightly early two week well check. Graham handled his “procedure” like a champ. He barely cried at all and the whole thing went a lot better that I remember Owen’s appointment going. However, Graham seems to be more chill than Owen. Also, I knew what to expect. It didn’t have the same trauma factor as it did with Owen. Graham was 9 days old at the time and weighed in 6lbs. 11oz. I’m guessing that he reached his birth weight by Monday (his official two week mark). While I love having a little guy, I’m looking forward to him hitting 8lbs. Right now all the baby carriers I have are too big for him. I would love to have him in the carrier so he gets the sensation of being held with me being able to have my hands free.

Thursday was my first day at home with both kiddos. Owen slept in that morning which was nice because Graham was asleep for the morning by the time Owen joined us. My mom came over mid-morning and we had a very calm time. Then my mom left and the next 20 minutes turned into chaos. Graham had a fountain diaper, Owen got put into time out for putting the dog’s food into his water and Toby peed on the floor. It was a brief period of chaos and I was glad once it passed. Jeremy came home for lunch and it was nice to see him for a short period of time. Our afternoon went fairly well. Owen went down for a nap and of course, Graham woke up. They seem to be good at coordinating this. Owen goes down for a nap and Graham decides he is hungry… Graham ends up eating a good portion of Owen’s nap time. The only other drama of Thursday was I shut Owen’s finger in the pantry door. It wasn’t even fully shut in the door. More like briefly pinched, but of course, there was a meltdown. I took him to run his finger under cold water and he got distracted by the water. This helped me know that I didn’t break his finger and that he was fine. We survived day one! Now a million more to tackle!

Friday, we had to head back to the hospital. Graham failed his hearing test in his left ear twice while we were in the hospital, so we had to go back for a follow up. Luckily, Graham passed his test on Friday and the appointment went quickly. In fact, Graham slept through the whole thing. We met up with Owen and Grandma and took off to my dad’s office so Grandpa could introduce Graham to his office peeps. Owen enjoyed a yummy bag of popcorn (awesome lunch choice) and Grandpa took him to play in a dump truck. Watching Owen in the dump truck was like watching a kid in heaven! I’m surprise we were able to get him out of the warehouse without a meltdown. I’m pretty sure he was bribed with chocolate… After all that excitement, both kiddos crashed for the car ride home. Later that evening, we had a visit from Jeremy’s brother, sister-in-law and their boys. They brought dinner and Owen got to play with one his favorite people on the planet, his cousin, Nolan. It was a great day for Owen. First a dump truck experience and then a play date with Nolan! Can’t beat that!

Saturday was the big day – Halloween aka Fall Fest. Jeremy was gone for most of the afternoon/evening. Owen joined him at church for the big event. Grandma & Grandpa escorted Owen around Fall Fest. Since I couldn’t put Graham into a baby carrier, I decided to stay home instead of navigate a stroller through the crowds. My sister came up to spend the evening with us and we watched The Lego Movie. I know, we are crazy ladies. We know how to party.

Sunday was my first experience getting the kids out of the house by myself. Thanks to daylight savings, Owen was up early. This gave me plenty of time to get us out the door. I was actually early and got a chance to drive by Starbucks and get my first (and so far only) red cup. Usually I like to celebrate Red Cup Day by going into the store and sitting for a while with family and friends. This year it was a quick drive thru experience, but it was still a celebration since I was able to get out the house with a two year old and almost two week old completely on my own and early. That was a victory and it was honored with a red cup. Our first Sunday at church went well. Jeremy helped me out by checking Owen into the nursery and my sister helped me make it into service. After service, I introduced Graham to many people as I tried to walk through the foyer and back to Jeremy’s office. The one thing that I forgot about was how you can’t go under the radar with a baby. Everyone talks to you. At church I expected to be mobbed, but even out and about complete strangers will talk to you because you have a baby. It’s very sweet, but it can overwhelm my introverted self.

After our home run on Sunday, my outing to MOPS yesterday was a bit of a letdown. It wasn’t a bad outing. I was still on time and able to get everything I needed done for the meeting. Graham fussed throughout the meeting. He was hungry and gassy and right the very end of the meeting he pooped which explains the fussing. He also spit up on me and himself really good. It was your average outing with a newborn, but not fantastic. Just average. I’m back to being spit up on and trying to keep a newborn quiet in adult settings. Now that I’m a table leader, I feel guilty about leaving MOPS early, but it might happen. Especially with guest speakers, a crying newborn can be a bit distracting.

Okay, this updated turned out a whole lot longer than I expected! Like I said, lots have happened in the last week. Now it’s time to give Graham a spit shine. We have hit the spit up phase, so Graham stinks, his clothes stink, his blankets stink and I honestly probably stink too. Time to clean him up and get him smelling like baby shampoo again!

Overall, I am happy to report that we are making it! In fact, things are going pretty well! Yay!

Owen wanted to sit on my lap and snuggle! This was Thursday - good to know that he still loved me even after the pinched finger!

Owen wanted to sit on my lap and snuggle! This was Thursday – good to know that he still loved me even after the pinched finger!

Visiting Grandpa's office

Visiting Grandpa’s office

Family time

Family time

Little Pumpkin

Little Pumpkin

Owen in his Ligthening McQueen outfit for Fall Fest. He wasn't interested in having his picture taken or keeping his hat on.

Owen in his Ligthening McQueen outfit for Fall Fest. He wasn’t interested in having his picture taken or keeping his hat on.

Auntie and Graham

Auntie and Graham

Happy Red Cup Day!

Happy Red Cup Day!

Wide awake

Wide awake

Not so wide awake

Not so wide awake


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