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A Date Has Been Set October 10, 2015

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The final phase of baby prep is underway!

The final phase of baby prep is underway!

A few posts back, I mentioned that our doctor offered to induce me at 39 weeks. At the point of that post, Jeremy and I had decided to go for it, but we hadn’t yet set a date with our doctor. We did that at our following appointment. The date October 20th was chosen with a few possible exceptions. The first thing we needed to do was an ultrasound to measure growth. I’ve been measuring small. This has happened now with both my pregnancies. I was excited for one more ultrasound and a chance to see our little guy again. Everything looked good and the baby is very healthy. The only thing to note was that he is a little guy. He was measuring in the 12th percentile and his guesstimate weight was 5lbs. 14oz. I was concerned that he might too small for my doctor to feel good about inducing. We had another appointment to meet with my doctor that week and she reassured us that the weight was fine. I was so relieved! The “funny” part of all these measurements is that our little guy’s head is measuring on the bigger side. When the ultrasound tech measured the head it was estimating an October 20th due date. His head is right on schedule for our induction date. Oh goodie! The last hoop to jump through is at my doctor’s appointment next week. I will have to be dilated to a certain point. My doctor doesn’t want to start the labor process if my body isn’t ready for it. After that appointment, we’ll know if we have an official go ahead or if we’ll be waiting. Oh the suspense!

With the arrival of our little guy is coming quickly, we’ve spent this weekend finishing up the last things to-do for baby. We pulled out all the disassembled baby stuff from the garage and have been attempting to put things back together from memory. I know that we have instructions somewhere, but doing things from memory is much more fun. Right? I washed all the things with fabric and wiped down all the hard surfaces. Baby contraptions are a bit like puzzles, but we have conquered them. It was funny to see Owen’s reaction to the baby stuff. He wanted to fiddled with the buckle on the car seat and sit in the bouncer. Hopefully, he won’t mind baby brother using these items. He was trying to throw things into the Pack’N’Play earlier today… Of course that made me feel awesome. Poor little brother. I’m praying he can survive us all! His family is a bit zany.

Other than the final baby preparations, we’ve spent some family time getting Owen some more big boy stuff. Using his birthday coupon from Toys’R’Us, we got Owen a booster seat so he can more easily eat the table. Dinner was a bit messy last night, but breakfast went better this morning. We also had a coupon for potties at Toys’R’Us. We purchased one, but it has since gone into the closet since we’re not quite ready to start the potty training process.  Our outing also included a stop at Cabela’s where Owen ran around like it was Disneyland. He loved the fish especially and went up and down the escalator about a dozen times.

We’ve been spending Owen’s post-birthday days munching on birthday leftovers and playing with new toys. With only two weekends left of being a family of three, it’s been great to spend time together and enjoy this season while we are still in it. Big change is coming and we are excited!

First ride facing forward in the car

First ride facing forward in the car

Good times at Cabelas

Good times at Cabelas

Enjoying his birthday treats from Toys'R'Us

Enjoying his birthday treats from Toys’R’Us

Eating breakfast at the table like a big boy

Eating breakfast at the table like a big boy


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