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Birthday Party Weekend October 5, 2015

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I love the month of October. It has always been my favorite month. The month has only gotten better for me now that I can add celebrating my son to list of things to do in October! Owen’s birthday adds to the joy of the month and makes a great kick off to my favorite time of the year. And soon we will add another October birthday to the calendar! While it might be a lot of birthdays in one month, I happen to be a big fan of cake, so bring on the parties!

This weekend we celebrated Owen’s 2nd birthday with two family birthday parties. I am so thankful to all the family members that came out to help Owen feel special and loved. He is truly a blessed boy. This year I was able to host both parties away from my own house. Both set of grandparents agreed to let us take over their homes and create a heap of chaos for a few hours of their weekend. I will admit that I loved this set up! I didn’t have to clean the house before having company over and I didn’t have to clean up after they left. It was perfect! Thank you so much to my parents and Jeremy’s parents for opening your homes to us. We appreciated it so much!

Last year I didn’t do a theme for Owen’s 1st birthday. I kept things very generic in the birthday decorations. I figured Owen didn’t care. He barely understood what was happening. This year I decided we would do a construction vehicle theme since Owen loves dump trucks, diggers and bulldozers. He can even say “backhoe” now which totally took me by surprise the other day. I had vision of how this theme would pan out, but my dream took a step back when I realized the party theme I picked was “online only” and not sold in our local party store like I had thought. Of course, I didn’t have enough time to order the supplies online. Even with paying extra for rush shipping, the supplies might not have arrived on time. This lead to us purchasing solid color plates, napkins and cups in orange, yellow and red. Jeremy kept reminding me that Owen wouldn’t care, but I felt bad that I dropped the ball on the theme tableware. We did get a happy birthday banner with a bulldozer on it, a cake with a dump truck on it,  and a birthday shirt with a dump truck on it. We purchased little mini machine toys to use as decor and then gave them away to the kids who attended the parties since Owen already had the same set at home. We used construction cones and caution tape that Jeremy had from work. While it felt a bit pieced together, it all worked out. Owen had a good time at the parties and I very much doubt he missed the plates and napkins that I mourned.

It was a fantastic weekend and Owen is now happily enjoying the new goodies that he received. We still have his actual birthday to celebrate on Thursday. I feel bad because we had to schedule a doctor’s appointment for me on his birthday, but we are going to do our best to make the day as special as possible. Currently we plan to go to a local farm and maybe even out to lunch at one of his favorite spots – Chipotle. I’m still debating what his special birthday dessert will be. Its a toss up between M&Ms or a brownie. This little boy loves his chocolate. I am excited to do one more day of birthday joy. He’ll have his gifts from Jeremy and I to open and hopefully a whole lot of fun throughout the day. I can’t wait!

Party Day #1

Party Day #1

Party Day #2

Party Day #2


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