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Operation Better September 26, 2015

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Friday's Instagram Post

Friday’s Instagram Post

I posted yesterday to Instagram the countdown on my period tracker app. It stated that I was 30 days to my due date. Tomorrow I’ll be officially 36 weeks. Yesterday morning when I made that post, I was thinking it’s 30 days plus or minus. Who knows when babies decide to come, right? I went to my doctor’s appointment that afternoon and explained to her the new symptoms I’ve been experiencing. Let’s just say that I’ve had about every awkward, annoying and uncomfortable pregnancy symptom there could be. I would list them all for sympathy, but that might be an overshare and gross out some of my readers. I guess being very honest with my doctor paid off, because she offered to induce me at 39 weeks. I had no clue that was an option. Jeremy and I told her we would talk about it and think on it. We’ve pondered it and I think we are going to accept the offer. Having a plan and knowing ahead lets us be prepared as best as possible. Especially when it comes to making plans for Owen and Toby. Also it will allow me to have my ducks in a row before heading to the hospital and my personality really likes that. If for some reason, the induction doesn’t pan out, it won’t be the end of the world, but right now it’s an nice sounding option.

A quick stop by Grandpa's office before Mommy and Daddy head to the doctor

A quick stop by Grandpa’s office before Mommy and Daddy head to the doctor

If we induce at 39 weeks, I’m looking at three weeks of pregnancy left. For some reason that makes this all more real. I’m filling out hospital pre-registration paperwork. I’m making plans to be gone from my Wednesday night class. I’m thinking through what all still needs to be done before our little guy arrives. This has led me to “Operation Better”. It was already on my to do list to clean the house today. Jeremy is going out of town for part of the week and my mom is planning on staying with Owen and I. Whenever someone plans to come over to my house for more than a couple hour visit, I usually try to clean. I’m scared that if they spend too much time here, they we’ll see how truly messy the house is. We are spending more time at home these days and we actually LIVE here. It’s a used house. I have a toddler and an indoor dog. Things get messy. I have decided that over the next few weeks I’ll add one or two small things to my cleaning to do list that I wouldn’t normally do in my weekly cleaning routine. I got a jump start on things today and it feels good. I know that the house will instantly be dirty again after I clean it, but hopefully it will be better than it was. I’m not looking for spotless, just better. Just an improvement on what was there. I clean my house on a weekly basis, but somethings very rarely get deep cleaned. I’m talking some things don’t get wiped down for months or years… So I guess my version of nesting is attacking the grime in my house (real or imagined). My sweet friend, Maggie, kept posting all these interior decorating things she was doing while she was nesting. I decide to wipe down all the doors in my house and clean the windows. I wish I decorated instead of cleaned. Oh well. It’s how I’m wired.

I have mapped out a few projects that I want to complete for Operation Better. They are spread out over the month of October so I don’t over do it. It’s hard to balance my desire to be on top of things with my inability to move and keep up with life. I know that this pregnant body can’t do everything I want it to right now and that’s okay. I will attempt to give my house a jump start on cleaning since chances are I’ll slack a bit once our little guy arrives. While I “nest”, I will accept better and not perfection. Spotless is not an option.

We are in the final countdown and we are mostly prepared. I’ve learned a lot about life with a newborn. Owen was good training. This go around we are stocking the fridge and pantry more. I’m making sure that I duplicates of most of my household products. We ran out for so many little things when Owen was first born. I’m sure that will happen again to some extent, but I feel like I know what we need to have on hand this go around. I know I can feel as prepared as possible and I’ll still forgot something. That is okay. We are doing the best we can and being very proactive. It feels good. I know that real life is messy and plans don’t always pan out. It’s best to hold things loosely. So with roughly three weeks left to go in this pregnancy, we will see where life takes us!


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