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100 Days to Go! July 17, 2015

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We are at the 100 day mark in the countdown for Baby #2’s arrival! The next three months will go fast. I know this because my life always seems to be whizzing by me. I blink and days, weeks and months vanish. Where does the time go? With the next three months being on the full side, Jeremy and I are pretty much done with our baby prep. This has to be some kind of record. We still have a few things like diapers to stock up and a name to pick… Some minor and major things… but overall, we are ready. At least in the “baby stuff” department. A lot of our preparedness comes from having a lot of the stuff already thanks to Owen. Having two boys in a row means no new wardrobe is needed. Recently, I took down a few boxes of baby clothes and started to wash them and put them away. It’s crazy the memories these little outfits have attached to them. It’s also mind blowing how small these little humans start out as. And how dirty they are! I had to sort through quite a few stained items and get rid of a few pieces that were too far gone. For small creatures, babies are messy! Moving on… The nursery took shape quickly. Once we had the penguin theme set in place, all the elements came together easily. I was surprised at how fast a room can be assembled. Again, it helped that we had pieces like the dresser, changing table and glider already in place. Getting ready for Baby #2 way less overwhelming than preparing for the first baby. I am enjoying the creative side of things without having the doubts and worries of a first time mom. The list of things they tell you to have when you are a first parent is insane. Of course, every item that you don’t have makes you wonder if your baby will be able to survive without it. This time, I know exactly what we need and what will get used. It’s nice going into round 2 with more confidence. I’d been holding off on posting nursery pictures until we were finished and I guess we are at that point! Enjoy the preview!


Lots of peguins! And colors, patterns, numbers and letters!


Owen loves pointing to the numbers on the wall and playing with the stuffed animals in the room.


I love seeing little clothes and little blankets all organized and ready for use! I also love how the laundry basket fits theme color and pattern! Cute, cute, cute!!!


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