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Hello Summer June 24, 2015

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It’s officially summer! I feel like the official start to summer sort of snuck under the radar with it being the same day as Father Day. Plus, it feels like summer moved in a while ago since we’ve been having fantastic weather this June. It’s crazy how sunny and warm it’s been. While, I love the sun and the long days, I can’t say I am huge fan of the heat. I am grateful for box fans and our portable air conditioner. They will be very well used and loved as we head into a heat wave.

June has been a unique month for us. By the time the month is over, we will have been to the doctor’s office three times. Two of these visits are just our regular appointments and one was the 20 week ultrasound. All is good, but these many appointments definitely have Baby #2 in the forefront of my mind. Well, that and the fact that I’m really looking and feeling pregnant these days. The bump is there and my center of balance is already off. I’m a bit tippy and getting out of bed already takes some effort. Our little one is also very active. Every kick (which there are many) is a reminder that I am not alone.

For various reasons, July, August and September are going to be full months. This led us to making June our big “baby” prep month. We waited to find out the gender and have it confirmed. Once we had confirmation, we dove in. The room has been painted and the theme is really coming to life. In a few weeks we will on work getting the wall art up. I am excited to see the progress we’ve made. We are in really good shape. I like being ahead of the game. Now we can slow down and wait somewhat patiently for the arrival of our next little man.

Many people have asked what Owen thinks of the new baby. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t think of the new baby at all. For all I know, he assumes this new penguin room is for his pleasure. I’m not too stressed about getting the baby concept across to him right now. In a lot of ways, I want to just enjoy the time where he is my only little one. We spend our days playing with cars and discovering new foods. Owen has been in a growth spurt phase. He is changing daily and becoming more and more like a little boy. I love being home with Owen to play and snuggle and laugh. These are good days, even with their crazy moments. I want to enjoy them for what they are worth. This season with only one kiddo will pass and I want to make the most of it.

The family member that has had the hardest time with all the change is probably our Toby dog. Moving his crate from the nursery into our room really rocked Toby’s world. The first week was rough whenever we left him locked in the crate. We are learning a lot of about Toby in this process. Being in our room, he can’t see the door like he used to and that is apparently a big deal. We would come home to messes in the crate. Even if there was no mess, Toby would still bang around in his crate to a point where he could see out our door. I think we’ve come up with a solution to move his crate over a few feet while we are gone. We tried it for church tonight and sure enough, his crate was right where we left it. I am glad that we are learning these Toby quirks now and not when we are sleep deprived with a newborn and a toddler demanding our attention. My original logic was doing things early will give Owen time to adapt to all the change coming… I have since learned that Toby is the one who needed the special attention. I always say that Toby is psychologically special. He continues to prove that statement true.

June has been such a full month in a lot of ways other than baby preparations. Jeremy has had two flat tires. Our car had to go into the shop for a tune-up. In fact, we might have to take it in again to get another light cleared. The light that lets you know you have a headlight out is on, but the kicker is none of our headlights are actually out. So weird…

Our neighborhood has been struggling with rust colored water randomly coming through our pipes. The water company has been out numerous times and the problem seems to be getting better but isn’t completely solved. It makes doing every load of laundry a possible risk. Will I have normal water or will I ruin a whole load of clothes with rust water? It’s a gamble that makes me very nervous. I’m the type of person who does at least one load of laundry a day, so this roulette game with the water is quite frustrating.

Father’s Day weekend was a fun one for our family. Jeremy went to see Jurassic World with his dad. My dad made yummy brisket for the family. Owen and I got Jeremy a panini press as his gift and sandwiches are now a daily staple in our house. Like I said, these are good days. I want to soak them up like the summer sun. Jeremy is a busy man who has lots of demands on his time. I am grateful for the way he provides for our family and all that he does to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table. He is a wonderful support and I am blessed to raise our son(s) with him. He is a fantastic dad and husband. I am lucky. I cherish our family time together. I also cherish the alone time he gives me when he takes Owen under wing. Owen and Daddy have many yard adventures so Mommy can have time in the house to get things done. I have it good. Really good.

Putting the panini press to good use! Yum!

Putting the panini press to good use! Yum!

Signing Father's Day cards

Signing Father’s Day cards

My loves!

My loves!

These men are incredible!

These men are incredible!


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