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So Much Good Stuff June 16, 2015

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Happy auntie meeting my new nephew, Bennett!

Happy auntie meeting my new nephew, Bennett!

This last week has certainly had plenty of highlights for me! The biggest and best highlight would be meeting my new nephew, Bennett, last Tuesday. I love being an auntie. It seems with each new niece or nephew my happiness grows. It’s such a fun job to love these little ones. Each one is unique and watching them grow up is such an honor. It was so great to meet Bennett and enjoy some family time.

Friday was my mom’s birthday. We had birthday breakfast with her at a favorite local spot and then we had birthday dinner with her. We enjoyed take-out Chinese with the whole family. It was a really good food day! I love my mom and I was happy to celebrate with her and be a part of her special day.

On our way home Friday, the check engine light came on in our car. After doing a little research we decided that car needed to go into the shop since it could be a minor or major problem. We’ve been a one vehicle family which hasn’t been too bad. Jeremy took Owen and I to church on Sunday and none of my daytime plans have been mission critical. Canceling them hasn’t been a big deal. Jeremy got a tummy bug on Sunday that took him out of a big Sunday. He missed half of church that morning, our annual business and growth group that night. It seems like when we have a big Sunday ahead of us something happens… Last time we had growth group at the beginning of the month, Owen had a tummy bug. We have one more meeting at the end of the month. I’m really hoping the tummy bug theme ends since it looks like it would be my turn to go down if we followed the pattern. Our weekend got a little slower thanks car problems and the tummy bug. While these are not positives, I can accept some things are out of my control and enjoy the forced slow-down time.

Paint color has been chosen and the theme is ready to come to life! Yay for penguins! And yay for another little Scott boy!

Paint color has been chosen and the theme is ready to come to life! Yay for penguins! And yay for another little Scott boy!

Moving back to the good things and highlights though, yesterday was our big ultrasound. The ultrasound tech did a thorough scan of our little one. The baby was cooperative and gave her all the shots she needed. All looks well and our baby is growing as it should be. After our “it’s most likely a boy” ultrasound, I had a friend tell me that they thought they were having a boy after an initial ultrasound and when they went back a week later it turned out that the baby was a girl. I had this story in mind as the tech searched for the “parts”. I was really hoping for a boy so I was happy when the tech reported that she saw boy parts. I had purchase our nursery bedding and started to work on the theme after our last ultrasound, but I didn’t want to open anything in case I needed to return it. But nope, it’s blue walls and penguins for the next little Scott. Jeremy picked the woodland, forest theme for Owen, so penguins are my way of getting to express my favorite animal in a nursery theme. We already have a few penguins who have appeared in our house (thanks to my mother) and more penguins will be arriving in the next few months as we work on the decor for the room. I am really excited. I love having a project to work on and I now have complete ease of mind to move forward! In the next few weeks, I plan on pulling out Owen’s wardrobe from the garage. I want to sort it all out and get the little clothes washed and put away. These are fun things that I look forward to doing soon. Let the nesting begin! Who I am kidding? It began a while ago… So, let the nesting continue!

Hanging out at Lowes while waiting to meet Bennett. Owen really loved the riding lawn mowers.

Hanging out at Lowes while waiting to meet Bennett. Owen really loved the riding lawn mowers.

Birthday breakfast with Grandma

Birthday breakfast with Grandma

Giving Grandma's guinea pigs a treat

Giving Grandma’s guinea pigs a treat


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