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Weekend Projects June 6, 2015

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A glimpse into our weekend!

A glimpse into our weekend!

Our little family has been looking forward to some time around the house this weekend. Owen is doing a lot better, but his mood and appetite are still a bit affected by his tummy bug. We decided to stay around the house and give Owen just a little more time before he re-entered the real world. This did mean that we missed a few opportunities to celebrate with some high school graduates, but I’m sure they appreciated us not bring our screaming toddler to their parties. With two days fully at home, we went into project mode. As always, Jeremy and Owen had plenty of time outside to work on yard stuff. On Friday, while the boys were outside, I took on steam cleaning our carpets. It’s never an easy task, but it’s so worth it. I find it rewarding to pour out that dirty water and know that the dirt isn’t in my carpet anymore. I love it! With our office now cleared, we set work on moving things around. Owen got a new chair (relocated from our room) and a new dresser. Toby moved in our room where the chair had once been. We moved Owen’s old dresser, glider and changing table into the new nursery. It’s no longer an office. I know it’s a bit early to set up the nursery. We still have a long way to go before we have everything we need. We assumed that switching things up in Owen’s room might take a bit of adjusting. We would rather go through a slow adjustment period before the next little Scott arrives. Jeremy assembled Owen’s dresser this morning. It’s an Ikea product, so of course, there were many pieces and screws. Owen helped and hindered as his mood preferred. I tried to keep Owen from relocating important screws all over the house. Once the dresser was complete, I spent a good deal of time this afternoon rearranging things and sorting them as I tucked into their new homes. I love organizing and this puzzle was just the challenge I was looking for. I really like how things turned out. Owen’s new chair now has his raccoon lamp by it and the corner looks like a reading nook. The new dresser and the new chair really give his room a more “big boy” look. The funny thing is Jeremy didn’t want to move the glider’s ottoman out of the room until we find a replacement ottoman. The look isn’t quite cohesive, but I’ll try to fix that in the near future.  Overall, it has been a busy weekend for the Scott family. Lots got accomplished and now we are looking forward to a day of rest! That is what Sunday is for, right? (After church, of course!)

Owen loved his dresser in this form - the boxes were perfect for playing with!

Owen loved his dresser in this form – the boxes were perfect for playing!

Nothing complicated about this, right?

Nothing complicated about this, right?

Helping Daddy build with his new drill

Helping Daddy build with his new drill


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