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Almost Officially Outnumbered June 4, 2015

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On Tuesday afternoon, Jeremy and I took off for our doctor’s appointment. I’m 19 weeks (20 on Sunday) and our doctor had promised to give us a sneak peek of our baby before the big anatomy appointment that comes next. We were very excited and anxious. I think more so finding out baby #2 than baby #1. With #2, I was thinking of Owen and what it would be like to have a little brother or little sister. I was also thinking of all the stuff we currently have and what things we would need to get if we had a girl. There was lots to weigh and consider. Either way, I know we would have been thrilled. Owen, of course, could really care less about a boy or a girl since I’m 99% sure he has no clue what is happening in our family.

We got to our appointment early because they are good about getting us back sooner if we show up early. However, we heard the front desk page our doctor saying she was needed in delivery. Before our appointment, I had this sinking feeling that something was going to happen and we wouldn’t get a chance to have the ultrasound that day. When we heard that our doctor was being called away, I thought for sure that my suspicions were coming true.  They weren’t though. Our appointment was just 45 minutes late. I did feel bad since Owen was home sick with a tummy bug and I didn’t want to leave my sister with the kiddo for too long. But things have a way of happening and you just have to roll with it.

Once we got into the sonogram room, our doctor quickly set to work. Probably because she was behind and needed to make up some time in her schedule. The baby was super wiggly and wouldn’t get into an ideal position. We did, however, get a chance to see what we needed. Our doctor claimed that the baby was “most likely” a boy even though she didn’t get the perfect shot she was hoping for. We took “most likely” to mean “highly likely” since the Scott family tends to be male dominated. Both Jeremy and I were guessing boy. So we were right! Hooray!

I had promised to do a big gender reveal for my class on Wednesday night and we debated holding off sharing our news until things were more settled, but in the end we decided to go for it. Our next ultrasound is in a week and half. If something changes between now and then, oh well. We’ll have a funny story to share with people. We wrapped up our outing with a stop at Carter’s to get a few new newborn outfits. Of course, the tags will stay on until our next appointment and I have the receipt tucked safely way. I high doubt that anything will change, but better safe than sorry.

Once we got home, Jeremy made calls to our siblings and parents. April got to find out in person since she was the one watching Owen for us. I quickly set to work making my gender reveal cupcakes. I decorated the cupcakes to be pink or blue with blue frosting hidden in the middle. On Wednesday night, I let the girls pick a cupcake by color and use that as their vote for the gender. I had 10 girls in the class that night and they were evenly split with their guesses. Half were right and half were wrong. It was fun to do a gender reveal with pre-teen girls because they got really excited. They all took a bite on the count of three and then were was an eruption of “IT’S A BOY” from the whole class. It was a great moment.

While we are holding off on deciding a nursery theme until after we know officially, our nursery is starting to take shape… or lose shape… The office that it once was is disappearing. Just tonight, we sold our desk which was the last big piece of furniture to sell and get out of the house. Now it’s time to steam vacuum the carpets and start rearranging furniture. Owen will get a new dresser that will now double as his changing table. Owen’s current dresser and changing table will move to the nursery. Owen’s rocking chair will also move into the nursery and Owen will get an arm chair from our bedroom. Toby’s crate will move into the spot were the arm chair once was. It’s going to be like musical furniture for the next little bit. I am excited to get things in place. Hopefully making these changes now will give Owen a chance to get used to things before the baby comes. I want to make these changes gradually so it isn’t like his whole world and house are turned upside down at the same time.

Looks like I am officially going to be outnumbered by boys in this household. I will admit that I am totally okay with that. I have this vision of Owen and his brother outside following Jeremy around. I will be inside either cleaning or reading a book. I was really worried about having a boy the first time. I didn’t know anything about boys and I am still learning a lot, but I think Owen has prepared me to a boy mom. I’m ready for the next one. At least, I think I am!

Something new for the newest member of our family!

Something new for the newest member of our family!

Pink or Blue?

Pink or Blue?



My Wednesday night girls with their guesses!

My Wednesday night girls with their guesses!


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