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Wrapping Up MOPS June 2, 2015

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Our theme this year was "Be You, Bravely" so this is my "Valiant" table. I am so grateful for each one of these ladies. I am blessed to have been their table leader this year!

Our theme this year was “Be You, Bravely” so this is my “Valiant” table. I am so grateful for each one of these ladies. I am blessed to have been their table leader this year!

There are a lot of big highlights that I could blog about from the last week, but I want to focus on one specific thing that happened this morning. Today was our last official MOPS meeting for the year. We have a leadership team meeting next week and park dates throughout the summer, but this was our last time all together. Wow. Lots of thoughts and emotions are running through my head about MOPS.

Let me start off by saying that my first year (last year) of MOPS wasn’t amazing. It wasn’t bad, but I didn’t have a lot of discussion around my table and I felt like I carried the conversation a lot. It was weird because I wasn’t really a leader but there was a leadership void at my table. I had my frustrations and I almost didn’t come back this year because it.

Flash forward, our MOPS coordinator asked me to join the leadership team at the end of last year. I was tempted to say no, but then I thought if I didn’t enjoy my MOPS experience, I might as well do something to improve it instead of just quitting. I am glad that I made this call. The start of this year was a bit bumpy. I had to learn the ropes of MOPS leadership. A lot of the ladies had been on the team for years, so I felt a bit behind and out of the club. That feeling didn’t last for long though. As I have mentioned, our steering team meetings are a hoot. We talk about the most amazing stuff that you can only talk about in a group of moms. It’s a great bond and I feel like I went a lot deeper in my relationships.

This year, I produced a monthly newsletter for the group and I was a table leader. I am happy to report that my table was always the most attended. We had the largest, most dedicated group and it was a pleasure to lead them throughout the year. While we might not walk away from the year as besties, I know that I got to know women in my community who I would have never gotten the chance to know without MOPS. Some of the moms attend our church, some of them don’t. It was a great opportunity for me to make new friendships. I went from somewhat dreading meetings last year to looking forward to them this year. I am glad I decided to stay.

Now looking forward, our table will be different year. They will move us around and hopefully, I’ll be able to build more amazing relationships next year. I will be table leader again and do the newsletter, but I’ll also add “table leader coordinator” to my list of titles. My job will mainly be reminders and making sure the groups know what food to bring to the meetings. I’m looking forward to taking on a bit more responsibility without going overboard.  Our coordinator for the last four years is stepping down so she can go back to work full time. I’m unsure what MOPS will look like without her at the helm. It was bittersweet to know that today was her last meeting. I am excited for the next year, but it is a new team. Not a lot of people are returning (mostly because their children are now too old). It feels strange, but I know that God is in this. I had one year with an amazing team who have been at this for many years. Now they have passed on the baton. I’m curious to see where we end up and I am hopeful that next year will be just great as this year.

I knew that I would probably join MOPS when I started to have kids. It was assumed… I didn’t really plan on joining the leadership team, but I’m glad that God pulled me in that direction. I know it was God because I wasn’t looking for it. I didn’t ask to be a part of this. I saw a need and said yes. It’s crazy to me how much I have grown through this year. It’s stretch me in a lot of ways, but the relationships that I have built have so much value to me. It’s crazy to think that my second year as MOPS mom is under my belt. On to year three with new and exciting things to come!


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