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A Different Way to Do Updates May 25, 2015

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I’ve wanted for a long time to break out of the weekly routine of reporting what we’ve done day by day. It’s an easy mode of writing for me to fall into, but I wanted to do this family update a little differently. We actually had a fairly quiet week. Followed by a big weekend. There is lots to share. I’m hoping to focus on what we’re into these days and how our lives are changing. Let’s start with the most adorable member of our family – Owen!

Owen is now almost 20 months old. As a one and a half year old, Owen is full of energy and is a real go-getter. His current favorite toys inside would his cars and tractors. He is often found on the chair in our living room wheeling his vehicles around. He has mastered being able to climb up on almost all our furniture. We’ve had to do some rearranging, for example, our tabletop is now clear so it’s less tempting. Also rooms that Owen once ignored, he now goes back to explore, so most of the doors in our house are closed again. Owen loves to close doors. Especially the ones to his room and the bathroom. Both these doors have locks and Owen has locked himself inside his room and bathroom a few times. It’s all fun up until the point where he realizes he is trapped. Then the freak out occurs. Luckily, I am good at picking the locks and have been successful in freeing him each time. Owen’s vocabulary is exploding. He often says words that catch me off guard. He’ll often say something really cool and then he won’t repeat it. It’s almost like what he said never happened, but then he’ll randomly say it again. We’ve hit three syllable words and even a few “short” sentences. I’m excited for him to be able to communicate more clearly, but I know that with each new development comes a down side. I’m sure someday soon I’ll be blogging about how I wish he talked less. Right now his words are very exciting. Owen continues to an unpredictable sleeper and napper. His wake up time varies week to week. He sometimes takes two naps. He sometimes takes one. Depending on when his first nap happens, he’ll go down for a second nap, but he never fall asleep. These flat in crib times are good for him to slow down and rest, even if he doesn’t sleep.  As for size, Owen continues to be a lightweight. We just recently packed up all his 12 month clothes. The funny thing is his 18 month pants are a bit baggy and tend to fall down. I guess he needs a baby belt. He is tall enough to wear 18 month clothes, but not wide enough! Oh my, I’m sure there are a million other things I could tell you about this crazy wonderful and active boy. He is a sweetheart who loves to sit on my lap and still wants to be held. He does great playing in the nursery at church and over at family member’s houses. He jumps into new situations really well. He keeps me busy, but it’s a fun busy and I love my life at home with him. It’s truly a blessing to be by his side, watching these young years unfold. Right now, we are getting ready for summer. We got him some new yard toys that will hopefully make a summer out in the yard a lot of fun.

Jeremy is next on our list of updates. He doesn’t get enough blog exposure, so here is his time to shine! It’s gardening season. Jeremy is out in the yard almost daily with a little helper tagging along behind him. Owen loves to be outside and shadow his daddy. I’m amazed at how patient Jeremy is with Owen and how he includes him in the things he loves to do. You can see the father/son bonding happening and it’s a sweet sight. Jeremy is very busy at work and I appreciate how he provides for our family. When Owen asks for “Dada” during the day, I explain to him that Dad is at work and he works because he loves us. If Jeremy isn’t outside fiddling with something, you can often find him watching Food Network, Sports Center or The Weather Channel. The thunderstorms a week back really gave Jeremy a chance to be a weather geek. Also, lots of talk of hunting season have already started. Jeremy has decided to go back to archery this year after trying his hand at rifle last year. The archery season will work out better with our new arrival coming in October. I would prefer for my husband not to be in the woods when I go into labor, but the decision to switch was one he made on his own without my feedback. I’m grateful that he takes our family into consideration when planning his hunting season. Jeremy got out on the golf course last weekend and I think he has the itch to go golfing once again. Tis the season. Jeremy is definitely a consistent and laid back guy. He does what he loves and he invests in his family. I am grateful for how helpful he is to me. He is Owen’s buddy when he is home and is a great dad and husband.

The Littlest Scott and I are doing good. I often call our baby either the Littlest Scott or Kid#2. No special nicknames. I am now 18 weeks pregnant and starting to really show. My normal tops won’t fit much longer which is why I went shopping for a few new maternity pieces this weekend. The era of all maternity wear is about to start. I’m not feeling as sick as before which I am grateful for, but wow, I am so tired these days. I get worn out easily. I feel like wimp or a 90 year old woman. It seems like no matter how intentional I am with resting, I just can’t get enough. It’s kind of a bummer, but I’m learning to cope and limit myself. I remind myself often that I won’t always feel this way. It’s a season and it’s worthwhile.  Apart of taking care of Owen and growing a human, I don’t have too much interesting about to say about myself. I still enjoy baking and teaching my Wednesday night class at church. I’ll have my class over this Friday to hang out my house and I’m excited about it. Also, my class has requested a big gender reveal party. It’s still a few weeks away, but I am getting more impatient as the days count down. The anticipation is getting to me! Pink or blue! Since our appointment is on a Tuesday, I’ll just have to keep the big secret from the rest of the world until after my class on Wednesday night. It will be fun to share my special news with them in a unique way. More on that later though… Preparations for the Littlest Scott have slowly been underway. We’ve given away some furniture and we are in the process of selling of a few more pieces to clear out our office. We sold an item this weekend that gave us just the right amount to buy Owen a new dresser that was on sale. My hope is to clear the office out in the next month and steam clean the carpets. Then it’s time to pick a nursery theme, paint and put together new furniture. These next few months are my favorite because once we know the gender, we can move ahead with a lot of our plans. For those that are wondering, Jeremy and I are both guessing boy for this baby because Jeremy’s family tree is very male dominated. Genetics have proven that the Scott’s “mostly” make boys. If you go by all the old wives tales then a girl just might be what we are having, but I think genetics trump wives tales. We’ll find out soon!

Okay, that was a long update, but now you have a little better look into our family. Not just what we’re doing but what we enjoy and what makes us tick. As we head into warmer days, we have lots of family adventures planned. As always, our life will be busy and crazy, but it will filled with fun and love. And hopefully lots of good naps! Amen!

Owen and his new Lamby. My parents got Lamby a twin. We are breaking in the new guy now and then we'll switch them back and forth for even wear and tear!

Owen and his new Lamby. My parents got Lamby a twin. We are breaking in the new guy now and then we’ll switch them back and forth for even wear and tear!

Cousin time is always a favorite! Loved watching these boys play together!

Cousin time is always a favorite! Loved watching these boys play together!

First train set from Ikea. It's been a big hit!

First train set from Ikea. It’s been a big hit!

My Mother's Day treat - a shopping day alone with my hubby and lunch at The Cheesecake Factory! Yum!

My Mother’s Day treat – a shopping day alone with my hubby and lunch at The Cheesecake Factory! Yum!

We have a kid-free shopping day and we bought Owen hours of summer fun!

We have a kid-free shopping day and we bought Owen hours of summer fun!

Enjoying his new sand box and water table. So much fun to be had!

Enjoying his new sand box and water table. So much fun to be had!


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