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A Weekend Without Jeremy and Other Events May 18, 2015

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Let’s start things a bit backwards. Let’s talk about today. Owen and I didn’t go anywhere. Owen took two naps. These two things rarely happen! It seems that with our busy schedule, we are often skipping a nap throughout the day, but today we were home the whole day and had what would be a “normal” day if we had “normal” days. It was AMAZING! I was able to rest and hang out with Owen with no pressure of being presentable or getting us ready for some commitment. Days like this are a breath of fresh air to my soul. Especially now that I am pregnant, I don’t have my giddy up and go. After a couple of days full of activity, I’m toast. Today was just what I needed. Praise Jesus! Also, when my hubby came home, he grilled us hamburgers (YUM). We a little time outside to chat while Owen finished his nap. Once we came inside to eat, it started to rain hard and a thunderstorm settled in over top of us. This was a major highlight for Jeremy and even Owen. Not so much for our little dog, Toby, who stayed hidden behind a chair the whole night. Poor guy.

Okay, now let’s flashback a week for our recap. Tuesday was a MOPS Steering Team meeting. Our MOPS year is wrapping up soon. We put some finishing touches on our thoughts for the last two meetings. We talked about our summer plans and the team for next year. We also had a “great” conversation about placentas. Oh yes, we talk about a lot of diverse topics in those meetings… For next year, I will be doing the newsletter again as well as being a table leader. I added the title of Table Leader Coordinator as well. I just keep going deeper. The great thing about my new role is I get to make the food rotation schedule which I need for the newsletter and then I remind the table leaders to contact their ladies and what food they are supposed to bring. It’s not too much added to my plate, so I’m not too worried about it. My biggest fear for next year is actually being a table leader with a newborn at the table. Owen rarely lasted through a whole MOPS meeting his first year, so I’m hoping his sibling will be the opposite of him in that regard. I can dream, right?

Wednesday was my regular chore day and church. I made some awesome Thin Mint Brownies for my class snack. Yum! Thursday, I had lunch with a good friend and mentor. I went shopping at Michaels and Walmart by myself after that! Can I tell you, I am fast shopper when I am alone. It’s amazing. It was nice to walk at a brisk pace and not worry about a toddler melting down. When I got home, Jeremy suggested that we go to dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant. It was very tasty and I really enjoy watching Owen eat rice. His love of rice makes me smile. It was nice to do something special with Jeremy because he was up before the sun the next day taking off for a conference.

Jeremy was up before Owen and I on Friday, so he could take off for the Tri-Cities and participate in a golf tournament with his family. This is a part of the annual men’s conference he attends. Owen’s wake up time has been totally unpredictable lately, so I got up 6:30am thinking I could get ready before Owen woke up. Well, Owen decided to sleep until 9:00am. I sat in my room getting really ahead in my Bible reading and trying not to think about how I could have gotten more sleep. Note, last week Owen slept till 8:45am or later three different days. Now he back to a 7:30-7:45am wake up time. Like I said, unpredictable. He keeps me guessing all the time. Owen and I’s Friday plans included lunch with an out of town friend. My dear friend, Christa, and her boyfriend were visiting for the weekend. I got to spend an hour with them and the conversation was all over the place. I wish I could have had more time with her, but Owen was missing his morning nap and I knew that I had a toddler time bomb on my hands. Even though my time with Christa was brief, it was great. I love that lady so much! And it was nice to meet the special fella in her life! We came home from lunch and took a nap. Then we took the dog on a walk to tire him out and went up to my parent’s house for dinner.

Saturday morning, Owen and I were up early. My originial plans for Saturday had changed so I decided that a whole day at home would probably be a bit too boring for Owen. Just me all day with no Dad coming home at dinner time isn’t Owen’s idea of fun. I wanted to do something that would break up the day a bit. We ended up driving up to Olympia to do some shopping. My list was short. First we hit Costco right when it opened and that shopping experience was awesome. We were in and out in no time flat. Then we went to Target… Where Owen melted down. He wasn’t “wailing” but people were giving me looks like I was ruining their morning. Sorry peeps. The kid has a mind of his own. We left Target as quickly as a possible and went home for nap time. The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. We were just waiting for Jeremy to get home that evening. I introduce Owen to The Lion King. He only really tuned in during the music. He had some good reactions at key moments in the movie. It was a fun treat and pretty short when I fast forwarded certain parts. Jeremy got home before bedtime and Owen and I were glad to have him back.

By the time Sunday rolled around, I was wiped out and I knew it was going to be a long day with church in the morning and Growth Group that evening. Once we got home from church, Owen and I both went down for much needed naps. At some point in the afternoon, our septic alarm started to act up so Jeremy set off to Home Depot to look for a replacement part. In the end, we stayed home from Growth Group to work on the septic. I was grateful to just be home and rest up. It was a good weekend, but these full weekends leave me worn out by the end of Sunday. Thus, why today at home meant so much to me!

Well, that’s all for now! See you in a week or so!

Enjoying a few moments with Christa! She's one of my favorite people on the whole planet!

Enjoying a few moments with Christa! She’s one of my favorite people on the whole planet!

How we fill a Friday

How we fill a Friday – I got my Hayley Mills fix in after Owen went to bed. So good!

Watching The Lion King

Watching The Lion King

Owen was all snuggles this morning

Owen was all snuggles and smiles this morning

First success with a pickle!

First success with a pickle!

Watching the thunderstorms

Watching the thunderstorms


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