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Little Boy January 13, 2015

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Mom accidentally over filled the tub! Owen thought it was great!

Mom accidentally over filled the tub! Owen thought it was great!

It’s been a few months since I wrote a blog totally dedicated to Owen. Yesterday was his 15 month well check appointment, so I figured now would be a great time to share his stats and what Owen has been into lately. Even though yesterday was a “well check” appointment, we went with lots of questions about the bugs that Owen has been batting. He still has a runny nose, but other than that he seems to be improving. He has been fever free since Thursday, but then over the weekend he developed a rash, so honestly, it seems like every day there was a new twist to Owen’s ailments. It turns out that Owen does have an ear infection. The new procedure is no antibiotics until the symptoms have been happening for 10 days. Owen was right around that 10 day mark, but since things are clearing up, our doctor said to just let the bug run it’s course. The nice thing is she told us that Owen isn’t contagious. He can finally go back into the nursery at church and we can re-enter the real world!

Since Owen’s last appointment at 12 months, he hasn’t gained a pound. He is still under 21lbs. This puts him at 7% for weight. He is at 31% for length and his head at 73%. I’m sure no one is shocked by his head size. It continues to be the one thing that he lands above 50% with. I would love it if Owen would chunk up a bit more, but our doctor isn’t concerned so I have decided not to worry about it. He is a small boy and that’s okay. Whenever I talk about how small Owen is people always mention how small I am. At this point and time, he is taking after me. I guess that is a good thing. I’m a bit of a wimp. Lugging around a lightweight kid is probably better for my back in the long run.

Supporting his team on game day

Supporting his team on game day

Owen is a good eater, despite what you might think from his weight. I can’t get him to drink whole milk, but he eats so much diary that it’s okay. Owen loves yogurt, cheese and cottage cheese. He eats those items daily so he is getting what he needs in the dairy department. Owen loves to try to whatever we’re eating. So far, turkey and ham seem to be big winners. Rice meals are also a favorite for him – that makes Chinese and Mexican meals a hit. Owen has also shown that he prefers chocolate over vanilla. There are some things like pancakes that I can’t get him to touch at all. Weird, huh? He certainly has his expectations when it comes to food. He now goes to the pantry or fridge door and hits them until we pull something out. It’s neat that he can tell us when he is hungry. Owen has a pretty toothy grin these days. He now has 4 teeth on top, 4 on bottom and molars coming in on both sides – top and bottom. These chompers have come in handy as Owen has explored new foods.  He has also started to master the art of the spoon. He will spoon feed himself cottage cheese. It’s a slow and messy process but he is always so proud of himself.

It’s been fun to watch Owen’s vocabulary start to take off. While he doesn’t say all these words in a day, he has said things like mom, dad, hot, light, deer, out, dog, duck, star, blue, ball. Sometimes he says something and I’m shocked that he knows that word – like when I put on his star jammies and he started to point at all the stars and say star. I had no clue he know that word or shape until that moment. During play time, all the farm animals “baa”. He has two new farm puzzles and he got a tractor for Christmas that he loves. He also got a few dinosaurs from his cousin, Carson. He makes the dinosaurs roar. Also, he knows that lions and bears roar too.

Grandpa & Grandma brought Owen some cheer with a giant Mickey balloon. Makes the days at home more fun!

Grandpa & Grandma brought Owen some cheer with a giant Mickey balloon. Makes the days at home more fun!

As you can guess, Owen is still in 12 month clothes and size 3 diapers. If he was over 22lbs, I was going to upgrade him to size 4 diapers, but he isn’t there yet. The nice thing is we get our use out of clothing. He doesn’t out grow his clothes all that quickly. I’m totally fine with that since I like his 12 month selection and I haven’t built up his 18 month wardrobe yet. Maybe he’ll start wearing 18 month clothes by 18 months. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Owen is super fast these days. It seems like once he could walk, he could also run. At the doctor’s appointment yesterday, our doctor marveled at Owen’s balance and movements. I guess he is ahead of the game when it comes to balance. I’m guessing that the lack of baby chunk makes him agile. Maybe he’ll be our little track star. All I know is that he keeps me on my toes. For a while he was rushing to the oven door whenever I wanted to open it and remove an item. He has finally grasped the concept of hot and now he keeps his distance while repeating the word “hot” over and over again. I was so scared that he was going to move faster than me and end up with a burn. If I want to put something away or open something up, you can bet that Owen will running towards me, ready to get into whatever he can.

Our little boy maybe be small, but he is such a sweetie. Throughout this bug, he has been a cuddler. I have spent my days holding this sweet, little boy and snuggling with him. He loves to give hugs and they usually end with him wiping his snot on my shoulder. What can I say, that’s true love, right?


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