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Sickness and Snowflakes December 23, 2014

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Wednesday, was my class Christmas party at church. We played games, we decorated Christmas cookies, we did a class gift exchange. It’s always one of my favorite nights of the year. However, I was especially excited when the girls left my classroom that night because it meant that my little family was officially on Christmas break. I went to get Owen from the nursery and I immediately noticed his red eyes. It looked like he had been crying. I was waiting for a meltdown update from the nursery staff, but instead they said that he had been tired all night. At one point he had sat down and almost feel asleep. We got Owen home and all he wanted to do was snuggle and sleep. This was very un-Owen like behavior. After a very rough night, we discovered that Owen had a fever and he became slug-boy all day. This was particularly sad because I had very festive plans for us that day. We were going to go up to the new Bass Pro Shop and possibly get a picture with Santa. Then we were going to continue up north to go to Snowflake Lane. Every night at 7:00pm, they stop traffic at Bellevue Square and do a drum line parade with characters and dancing. At the finale of the show, they make it snow. It’s super fun and I was very excited to show Owen all the musical action… Well, that didn’t pan out. We had a day at home with our sick boy. Not the best way to start Christmas vacation. On the plus side, I took the time that day to steam clean our carpets. I’ve been putting that off since summer so it felt good to check that off the to-do list. Jeremy got to work on a project in our shower (it’s cracking and we’re trying to patch it up so we don’t have to replace the whole shower). The day was beneficial in the way of house projects. To end the day, we drove around and looked at Christmas lights and went to a local park for the light display.

Owen’s fever was gone on Friday, but he had a cough and he was still pretty slow. He didn’t have much energy. The real fun of Friday was Jeremy came down with a stomach bug and spent the next 24 throwing up… a lot… a lot, a lot. So I had a sick hubby and sick baby. Friday and Saturday were sick days in the Scott household. I had to call on the help of my mom and sister to get us ready for the Children’s Church Christmas Parties on Saturday and Sunday. They purchased and wrapped the gifts for us since our little family wasn’t up for it.

By Sunday, Jeremy was feeling better but Owen had gross snot at this point, so I stayed home with him since he wasn’t well enough to go into the nursery. I went to bed on Sunday night almost dreading the next day. We had planned to resume our Thursday plans, but I was sure that something else was going to come up to derail them. On Monday, Jeremy woke up with almost no voice. According to him, he felt fine but for some reason his voice did not agree. Owen was still snotty and I could tell I was brink of having Owen’s cold since I’d spent so much quality time with him through his illness. But… no one had a fever and no one felt like they were dying, so we packed up and took off!

It was fun to explore the new Bass Pro Shop in Tacoma. Owen loved all the animals throughout the store. We decided to forgo the picture with Santa this year. The line wasn’t too long, but it wasn’t moving super fast. Also, Owen doesn’t really like getting passed off to strangers so the chances of getting a good photo were slim. As we were checking out, the cashier talked to Owen and he gave her this intense scowl face. I’m guessing Santa would have gotten the same face along with a good wail and scream. Traumatic childhood photo scratched from the list of things to do this Christmas. Maybe next year… or maybe never.

We stopped to have dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. Jeremy and I haven’t eaten their since Owen was born, so it was a rare treat! Jeremy’s stomach was feeling better and he was ready for some good food. I was ready for some good dessert! In true Owen fashion, the best part of the meal for him was the whipped cream that came with our desserts.

We made it up to Snowflake Lane with perfect timing. Our view wasn’t great, but I didn’t really want to fight through the crowds. I’m chicken when it comes to stuff like that. Owen did get to meet a few of the cast members as the wondered around. His favorite was the polar bear. He accepted a sucker from a drummer girl and proceeded to lick the candy wrapper. He wouldn’t give the drummer boy a high five though. He is a tough nut to crack sometimes. Once the show starter, Owen watched in awe and randomly danced. Once the drummers were doing their thing, he wanted to go to them. I figure Owen wanted to play the drums since he has a small drum set at home. I love it when it starts to snow! It’s my favorite part. All of the holiday music is also great. It’s a special experience. I’ll look forward to going again. I think Owen will like it even more next year.

There is very little time left until Christmas is here! True to our traditions, we have 5 days of Christmas planned this week! We know how to make the party last! Good times! Today I finished most of wrapping. We have one gift arriving tomorrow and that will complete our shopping. The only holiday tradition we have yet to fulfill is watching The Muppet’s Christmas Carol and White Christmas. I’m hoping we can get that checked off the list today and tomorrow! It’s the most wonderful time of the year! (Minus the sickness!)



Snowflake Lane 2014


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