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Thanksgiving Weekend November 30, 2014

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Helping around the yard!

Helping around the yard!

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving weekend. I know we sure did! The office closed at noon on Wednesday and there were no evening services at our church, so Owen and I got Jeremy home sooner than usual for a Wednesday. I always miss my class of girls when we have a Wednesday off, but it’s always a nice and very appreciated break. Jeremy took advantage of the dry weather and hopped up on the roof to put up our Christmas lights. Then Owen got to help Jeremy put up the decorations in the yard. Owen loved roaming around the yard and playing with the various plug-ins to our lighted displays. Owen is a shadow to Jeremy these days. He followed his daddy round the yard and was in the middle of the action.

Thanksgiving 2013 & Thanksgiving 2014! What a difference a year makes!

Thanksgiving 2013 & Thanksgiving 2014! What a difference a year makes!

Thanksgiving day started off perfectly! Owen slept in a little later than usual. We got to watch some of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I made chocolate chip pancakes. Yum! Owen enjoyed pointing at the giant balloons on the TV screen. After a leisurely start to the day it was time to get ready. Jeremy made his green bean casserole to take to our first Thanksgiving celebration. Owen took a bath and then went down for a quick nap before all the festivities. Because of the late nap and my attempting to get a shot of Owen in his Thanksgiving outfit, we slid in right at the time dinner was supposed to begin with Jeremy’s family. Thanksgiving was different this year since we had a rather large crowd that no home would accommodate well. I wondered if Thanksgiving would feel weird since we weren’t celebrating at a home, but it was actually really nice. We had plenty of space and Owen had a blast running around. We learned a few weeks ago that Owen really likes both turkey and ham, so we piled up his high chair with Thanksgiving goodies and he went to town, especially on the meat. We got Owen a shirt that says, “This guys loves turkey” and it has Mickey Mouse on it. Owen loves Mickey. He kept looking at his shirt and pointing and smiling. In fact, if we pass anything with Mickey on it, he tries to touch it. This can be cute and annoying when we’re in a toy store and he gets his hands on something we aren’t planning on buying… But, I digress!

Owen loves turkey and ham!

Owen loves turkey and ham!

Being true to our tradition, our family took of from Chehalis and the hour plus drive up to Puyallup to have dessert with my family. The two different gathering places were quite a contrast. My grandma’s house was packed full of family members. It was warm and loud! We celebrated two family birthdays and then the big Seahawks games started. My mom and I moved into the living room where it was a bit quieter and cooler. Throughout the night people wondered in the living room and I got to catch up with quite a few members in a calmer environment then in the family room with the game on. Black Friday shopping has always been a big deal with this side of the family. I talked with many family members as they made their plans for where and when to shop. It’s always fun to hear their strategies and see what the must have items of the season are for them. When we got to Puyallup, all of the meal items were packed up, but Jeremy asked to get more turkey out for Owen and again, Owen drove right in and started munching on turkey. I love how his shirt truly fit his mood that day. Owen loves turkey!

This what decorating with Owen looks like.

This is what decorating with Owen looks like.

Usually the Friday after Thanksgiving is a big hunting day for Jeremy. I end up decorating the house by myself while he is out in the woods. This year Jeremy’s season ended before the holiday weekend, so Friday was a family day spent at home in our pajamas. Jeremy jumped right into decorating the house with me. We quickly learned that decorating with a mobile Owen is a very chaotic experience. Owen was into everything. We had get creative since this is the first year decorating with a toddler in mind. Everything has to be out of arms reach. We don’t have our tree yet. That is still on our list of things to do this week. I have no idea what Owen will do with a Christmas tree and the ornaments. We are in new territory, that’s for sure!

Saturday, we braved a few stores in hopes of finding a few more Christmas presents. I got one gift, so it wasn’t a waste of a shopping trip, but it wasn’t super profitable either. We also saw a few snowflakes on Saturday and the ground around our house was briefly white. Jeremy and Owen went out to eat snowflakes while I got ready. Jeremy laughed as he showed me the snowman he made. Let’s just say, it was bit a tiny, but it was a snowman nonetheless. The rest of weekend has been church time and down time at home. Honestly, I’ve loved this weekend. It has been such a great time for our little family to be together. With kid’s choir coming up and Jeremy in the midst of a some big projects at work, my hubby has been super busy lately. He often has meetings in the evening and this week is more of the same as they prepare for choir performances this weekend and a lighted tractor parade the following weekend. I’m grateful for whatever time I can get with my hubby at home. Owen has loved having his daddy around so much. It’s cute to see his playful excitement when Jeremy’s around. It’s been a good mix this weekend. I know this week is going to be busier, so I’m treasuring the slower pace at this moment. Not only does Jeremy have a lot on his plate this week, but I’m speaking at MOPS and I have jury duty for the month of December. We have students in our ministry that are in multiple performances for school and ballet. We’re debating our schedules and if we’ll be able to see them perform. We have a big birthday to celebrate with my nephew as he turns one soon. The party will take place at Zoo Lights, so I’m intrigued to see what Owen thinks of all the light displays. Yep, our next week or two will be full. I love this time of year! Other than jury duty, the month of December is like one big celebration!

Don't mind me

Don’t mind me

Jeremy's snowman

Jeremy’s snowman

Goofing around together!

Goofing around together!


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