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Flying Through November November 25, 2014

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Flying through November

Flying through November

It’s hard to believe that November will soon be coming to a close. This next week is one of my favorites as we celebrate Thanksgiving and Jeremy has a few days off from work. I’m like a kid looking forward to Thanksgiving break! It’s coming! It’s almost here! The month of November has been a strange mix for me. Lots of busy and lots of down time. The down time was mainly induced by all three of us Scotts getting colds. For Owen and I, this makes three bugs in two months. I’m so done with being sick. Oh well. Despite illness, our little family has managed to be here and there and everywhere.

For me, the month of November has been full of MOPs prep. We had multiple crafting work parties as we prepare to sell some products at a local bazaar this weekend. Let me tell you, crafting isn’t something that comes easy to me. I’m too much of a perfectionist and knowing that these products were going to be sold only made me stress even more over the quality. I’m so glad that the bazaar is this weekend and this fundraiser will soon be behind us. Also, I’m the guest speaker at our upcoming MOPs meeting so I’ve been working on what I want to share the ladies. The theme for the month is courage to love extravagantly. Pray for me! I’m super nervous. Apart of teaching 10-12 year old girls, my public speaking skills have gotten zero use recently… I’m afraid that I’m a bit rusty at speaking in front of adults. Yikes. I’m going to stop thinking about it now before my blood pressure raises anymore!

Shopping with the ladies

Shopping with the ladies

November has a been a shopping month. Jeremy and I started our Christmas shopping. We finished all of our shopping for those under the age of 10 almost immediately. Shopping for the little ones is always the most fun! Now on to the grown-up, who are a lot harder! My mom and sister and I (and Owen) took a trip down to Portland to do some clothes shopping. Both April and I have been putting off updating our wardrobes. It was time. My mom was super and helped me with Owen so I could shop. This meant she loaded up a screaming toddler and drove him around the mall parking lot until he fell asleep. Since Owen fell asleep right when we planned to get lunch, April and I got lunch to go and we all in silence in the car while Owen took a nap just inches away. The only sounds you could hear in the car were Owen’s snores and our munching. It was really funny. It has to be one of the oddest lunch experiences I’ve ever had.

Girl time with Maggie & Summer

Girl time with Maggie & Summer

Of course, it wouldn’t be a November update if I didn’t mention the fact that I’ve had close to a million red cups! My mom and sister started me of well on Red Cup Day. I’ve managed to share a red cup with my lovely friend, Vicki, in Longview. I drove up to Tukwilla and shared a red cup with my forever friend, Maggie. Yesterday, the tradition lived on as I got a red cup with my beloved Jeannie! I love these ladies and I love the tradition of sharing the holidays with them. My visit with Maggie was one of the highlights of my month. My mom watched Owen at her house so I didn’t have to chase a toddler around while I went to lunch and coffee with Maggie. Maggie has a darling little girl, Summer, and I got to actually have “girl” time with no little boy in the mix. It was a nice break. I’m so grateful!

Sorting Christmas lights

Sorting Christmas lights

Jeremy’s November has been just as busy as mine. It was hunting season for the first half of the month. He and my brother-in-law, Andrew, spent many a day out in the woods tracking elk and deer. The season wasn’t a successful one in the way of fresh meat, but I think Jeremy learned a lot since this was his time hunting with a rifle. I’m sure he’ll do better next year. Apart of hunting season, Jeremy is heading up a major remodel of the kid’s wing of our downtown Centralia campus. It’s exciting to see a great place for kids starting to take shape. Jeremy also had an overnight conference this month as well. Lucky for me, I packed my days full while he was gone, so it made the time apart go quickly. Also, Owen is an excellent sleeper so I’m not too intimated by a night alone with him. After surviving Jeremy’s absence for the week of summer camp in July, I handled one night alone like a champ. My parent’s brought me pizza and pumpkin pie for dinner, so I was I well taken care of!

Well, those are the happenings of the month in a very random order. The cold bug is finally departing from our home and I hope it stays away for a good long time! I pulled out my penguin winter dishes this last weekend. I think next weekend, we will decorate the house and put up the Christmas lights. We got Owen some holiday apparel on our last shopping excursion. For Thanksgiving, he has a shirt that says “this guy loves turkey”. It’s true, he does love turkey. We made a small Butterball turkey in the crock pot a few weeks ago and Owen inhaled that turkey like it was the best thing ever. I am so excited to see what he thinks of all the Thanksgiving foods in just a few days! Stay tuned for our Thanksgiving update coming soon!

Pink vacuum? Sure, why not!

Pink vacuum? Sure, why not!

Bath time for Toby! Owen is Jeremy's shadow these days!

Bath time for Toby! Owen is Jeremy’s shadow these days!

Can't get enough red cups! Loved my time with Jeannie!

Can’t get enough red cups! Loved my time with Jeannie!


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