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I think we need some bubble wrap… November 22, 2014

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We’ve long been into the bumps and bruises stage of childhood with Owen. It seems once mobility hit, so did all the marks to prove that he can move. Lately, though Owen has ramped up his aim to be covered in bumps, bruises, cuts and scratches. This kid seriously needs 24 supervision and even that doesn’t guarantee that he’ll came out unscathed.  A few weeks ago, I posted on here a cute picture of Owen going on a family walk with Jeremy and I. It was quite the milestone because we were letting him walk with us and not be confined to the stroller. Big boys get to walk with the family. And big boys can trip on their own feet, thus introducing their first real fall on pavement. That was a good one. A nice bruise and some road rash. Just a few weeks later, Owen wondered into room holding my round hairbrush. 30 unsupervised seconds later, I hear wailing. I got into the room and found it undisturbed, but Owen somehow has about an inch long cut between his eye and eyebrow. HOW???? Seriously, I was just in the other room and he was out of sight for less than a minute. This cut was good enough that we had to call the doctor’s office to find out if he needed stitches. Let me tell you, I felt like the mom of the year when I couldn’t tell the nurse how he got the cut and what he cut himself on because I wasn’t in the room. I’m surprised she didn’t put me on hold to call Child Protective Services right then. I also felt brilliant when she asked me what side of his face the cut was on. In my flustered mind I couldn’t figure it out. I told her left and then had to change my answer to right. It was a stellar day for me and for Owen, obviously. Owen’s cut puffed up and turned into a nice black eye the next day. Luckily it’s faded now and he is starting to look normal again. However, this morning my mom was watching Owen so Jeremy and I could go to a movie. When I got out of the movie, I had a photo text from my mom with a new bump on Owen’s forehead. Oh my. This kid needs bubble wrap or we need to pad the walls/floors of our home. The nice thing is that Owen’s hair does a decent job covering most forehead marks. This didn’t help cover the black eye though. Oh well. It seems like everyday brings some new adventure. I was told that being a mom of a boy meant lots of rough and tumble moments. I’m just now learning all that comes with the territory. I’ve gotten lots of understanding smiles as I share my Owen stories. I’ve also been told that this is just the beginning! What fun is still yet ahead!

The big cut the day of the incident! Luckily, no stitches were necessary!

The big cut the day of the incident! Luckily, no stitches were necessary!

The black eye the next day!

The black eye the next day!

All bundled up for a walk and looking like he is wearing eyeliner!

All bundled up for a walk and looking like he is wearing eyeliner!


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