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Vote for Owen! November 17, 2014

Filed under: Parenthood — Amy Scott @ 8:38 am

After a year of being told that Owen is a “Gerber” baby, I decided to enter him into Gerber’s Photo Search. I did this partially because it has been suggested to me so many times and because there is a cash prize. I like cash. I think if Owen knew what cash was, he would like it too. So… I found myself on the photo search website a few weeks ago. I created my log in, I uploaded my photo and had to wait a couple days before hearing back that Owen’s picture was accepted! Voting begins today and you can vote daily until December 14th. I feel super silly about entering my kid in a photo contest and I feel even more silly about promoting it. However, when I think  of winning $5,000 or $50,000, I’m slightly motivated. I really honestly don’t expect Owen to win (even though I think he is the cutest kid in the whole wide world). I figured it was worth a shot… A long shot, but a shot. If you would like to vote for Owen, go to and use his ID#220092 (you can also search by his name, but the ID# brings his picture right up). Thanks for voting! Owen’s college fund (or vacation fund) thanks you too!

Vote for Owen!

Vote for Owen!


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