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Finishing Up August August 30, 2014

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Owen's first visit to Mt. Rainier

Owen’s first visit to Mt. Rainier

There is just one full day left to the month of August. I’m flabbergasted. It’s been such a big, full month and now it’s about to finish up in a blink. I’m honestly having a hard time remembering that it’s Labor Day weekend. It feels too early. But regardless of how I feel, here we are. The month started off with an awesome week of Family VBA and moved into helping at the fair with our MOPS group. Jeremy took our 5th graders to a Mariners game. We’ve enjoyed Jeremy’s grandma and aunt visiting from South Dakota. Jeremy pulled off an super fun kid’s zone at a local car show and I helped at the MOPS dunk tank (taking money, not being dunked). We moved from that big event into a few days at the beach. Owen came down with a head cold while we were away and the day after we got home, I tweaked my back. Good times… My mom and Jeremy have been gracious and helped me out quite a bit. I’ve been trying to not lift Owen all that much, but I’m finding that to be tricky. My in-laws gave us a heating pad a month ago when I last tweaked my back, so I’m again using the heating pad and keeping the Advil close at hand.

Completed my August goals and new magnets for the board!

Completed my August goals and new magnets for the board!

Despite my current state, I was able to enjoy a lovely trip to Mt. Rainier with Jeremy and Owen yesterday. The weather wasn’t great for seeing the mountain, but we enjoyed ourselves just the same. Owen really loved the stops we made and was a smiley boy most of the time. Days like that are fun. It’s great to be able to share our favorite places with him. The first year is fun because there really are so many first to share and discover. This was Owen’s first visit to the mountain and I’m positive it won’t be his last. There is a lot I could write about Owen and his many firsts and changes, but I’ll save those for his upcoming 11 month blog. That’s right around the corner. (Eeek!)

Today we enjoyed brunch with the Scotts and said our good-bye to the South Dakota travelers. We love their visits and look forward to them every year. We really enjoyed introducing them to Owen and watching him get loved on by them. We’ll close August out with home-smoked brisket tomorrow made by my dad. That should be super tasty! On Monday, I plan on pulling out my fall decor and I have a Starbucks date in the evening. September will soon be here and it’s chalked full of fun adventures to be had. As summer is winding down and the autumn routine is ready to kick in. Most kids will be back in school on Tuesday. I’m going to enjoy these last few summer days while they are here!



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