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Flying Through August August 17, 2014

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Here we are over half way through the month of August! I’m not sure how, but time keeps zipping past me. This last week was a full one for the Scott Family. On Monday, Jeremy took some of our graduating 5th graders to the Mariner’s game. I didn’t stay up to wait for his arrival home, but I did ask Siri on my iPhone who won the game before I turned out the lights. Siri informed me that Seattle crushed Toronto. I found it humorous that she used the word crushed, not something like the Mariner’s won or what not.

On Tuesday, Owen had his 9 month well-check appointment at 10 months old. Since this appointment had no shots, I’m guessing it didn’t matter that it was a little off schedule. I was grateful to not have to deal with a cranky baby who doesn’t like shots. They did have to do a finger prick, but Owen didn’t even cry. The nurse said that they don’t often cry at this age because they are so used to getting banged up through exploring the world. It’s true. Owen’s exploration and mobility have left him a bunch of bruises. I’m about to wrap him in bubble wrap! Of course, it’s always fun to see the stats. Owen is 19% in weight, 30% in height and 73% in head circumference. To my surprise, Owen weighed in at 19lbs. 6 oz. He has yet to break the 20lbs. mark! I’m okay with him being on the smaller side because he is healthy and happy. Our doctor was really encouraging and said Owen is doing great.

The latter part of my week was spent the good old Southwest Washington Fair. Our MOPS group has a booth at the fair and each of the leadership team members took two shifts.  The shifts were four hours each and they dragged on a bit because our booth wasn’t really hopping. We offered a diaper changing station and a private nursing room. I was a little disappointed more people didn’t take advantage of it. On Thursday, I was paired at the booth one of our mentor moms, Kate. It was fun to chat with her and get to know her story more. On Friday, Jeremy and Owen joined me. Once my shift was up, we met up with my sister and brother-in-law to have dinner and explore the fair. It had been years since I’d gone to the fair, so I was super excited for the fair food! I had my all-time elephant ear and I was a happy camper! Yum!

Fun @ the SWW Fair

Fun @ the SWW Fair

After some busy days, we had a day around the house yesterday. When Owen napped, I laid in bed and read. True luxury! I’m currently rereading the Anne of Green Gables series. I’m very happy to loose myself in the world of Avonlea and Prince Edward Island. Jeremy picked some apples off our trees. We have a great crop of apples coming in this year! I spent part of my afternoon making a homemade apple pie with home grown apples. You can’t beat that!

Around the house on Saturday! Toby needed to make a blog appearance since it's been awhile!

Around the house on Saturday! Toby needed to make a blog appearance since it’s been awhile!

That’s what the Scotts have been up as of late! We have family coming into town this week and we are looking forward to being reunited with some of our South Dakota family members. This will be there first time to meet Owen and we can’t wait to make the introductions! I know that the month will be over in a blink and the new school year will be starting. I’m trying to enjoy these last few summer days before the fall schedule picks up again. I love the seasons and the cycle of time. It’s been a good summer and more fun is still to be had. However, there is lots to look forward to just around the bend! We are blessed!


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