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Getting Around July 28, 2014

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It’s amazing the changes that can happen in a span of a week. Owen has grasped on to the concept of mobility and he is getting around! Owen went from being able to inch his way here or there to full on scooting this last week. It’s not a true crawl because he can’t get both legs under him. It’s a scoot and it’s working for him. He is now into everything. With this new found mobility, Owen is learning to hear a new word a lot – no! No, you can’t put the door stopper in your mouth. No, you can’t push the buttons on Daddy’s Xbox. No, you can’t climb on the hearth. No, you can’t pull the books off Mommy’s bookshelf. I certainly have to keep my eyes on him now. Gone are the days of leaving him for a minute knowing that he will be in the same spot when I return. My life has taken a drastic change. I know someday this will be normal, but for now I’m in major adjustment mode.

He started in the family room with me in the center of the rug.

He started in the family room with me in the center of the rug… Someone is getting around!

Owen didn’t know how to get from laying down to sitting position until this last week.  He quickly grasped that concept as well. I walked into Owen’s room a couple of times to find him sitting up in crib. Then I saw him sit up while playing and I realized that it was time to lower the crib. Jeremy and I debated lowering it just one setting, but we figured we would go all the way down. At this rate, he’ll be standing and running marathons in a month. Okay, maybe not, but it seemed the best use of time just to lower it all the way. The changes just kept coming as we decided that Owen is done with the penguin bathtub. He has loved it so much that we didn’t want to miss with the bath time happiness, but… after seeing him play well in the pool, we figured he would play well in the tub too.  We were right. So now Owen takes big boy baths.

He's got the whole tub to play in now!

He’s got the whole tub to play in now!

When I bend all the way down to pick Owen up out of crib, I am reminded just how big he is getting. He is heavy and long and feels less like a baby in my arms. When he started scooting, Jeremy said it’s like he is not a baby anymore. I exclaimed that he is for sure a baby because is not toddling and if he is not a toddler than he is a baby. This is my mommy logic. While, he is still a baby, he is certainly becoming more a big boy each day. This last week of milestones has grown him up in our eyes.  It’s hard to believe how much can happen in one little life in such a short amount of time. He continues to amaze us (and keep us on our toes)!


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