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Welcome Summer! July 26, 2014

Filed under: Parenthood — Amy Scott @ 1:00 pm

This week I got the chance to drive up north with my mom and Owen to meet Miss Summer Taylor Boone. My forever friend, Maggie, is a now mom! I’m so beyond excited for her and her husband, Chris. There are a lot of little boys in my circle of friends and family (and I love them dearly). This last weekend at my one and only niece’s birthday party, I was reminded again just how precious little girls are. Brinley’s sweet exclamations as she opened her presents melted me. I love little girls! All this to say, I am SO happy to have another little girl in my life. As an unofficial auntie, I now have another reason to buy something pink. This gets me really excited. As I held Summer, I remembered how small newborns are and how quickly they grow and change. She is beautiful and tiny and loved! I can’t wait to see who this little girl grows up to be. Being on this road of motherhood is more fun with friends. I’m sure Maggie and I’s relationship will only deepen as we love on our kiddos and do our best to be the moms they need us to be. The road ahead is full of adventure and a lot of love. Can’t wait! Welcome Summer! 

We prayed for these babies and here they are! We are moms! Crazy and amazing!

We prayed for these babies and here they are! We are moms! Crazy and amazing!


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