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4th of July Weekend July 7, 2014

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Happy Independence Day from the Scotts!

Happy Independence Day from the Scotts!

It’s been a great long weekend! Anytime you have the words long and weekend in the same sentence, it’s a good thing! Friday was the 4th of July and we celebrated with friends and family. We got a visit from our favorite Californians. It was a fun morning of playing games, chatting and munching. Friday afternoon was spent at my parent’s house where we had steaks to celebrate Independence Day. Our evening was a quiet one spent around the house. Owen went down just fine despite the firework noise. Our Toby dog was freaked out as usual. He ended up in sorts of unique places in our house. His favorite spots were under Owen’s crib and tucked behind the toilet in our bathroom. Poor pup. I always feel for him as he shakes in fear. A lot of people asked how Owen liked the fireworks. I’m sad to admit that Owen didn’t see a single firework this year and neither did I. The last few years, Jeremy and I have decided not to blow up our money. Jeremy watched some of the neighbors fireworks through the trees. I hung out with Toby and went to bed. Very exciting stuff, huh? Maybe next year we’ll do a small show for Owen.

Saturday was my dad’s birthday, so it was back to my parent’s house for another round of celebrating. This time there was furniture rearranging and pulled pork sandwiches on the agenda. My dad makes yummy pulled pork and he made a ton of it. We were sent home with leftovers and we’ve been enjoying them the last few days. We also stopped by Home Depot on Saturday to do some daydreaming/research for future house projects. While we were there we purchased the supplies to re-stain my dresser. I didn’t realize it until I started cleaning my dresser on Saturday night, but my dresser is as old as I am. My grandparents gave it to me as  gift. One of the top drawers has an apple painted in by my grandma and the other drawer has a note on the bottom saying it was given to me on June 12, 1986. I figured that a 28 year old dresser really was in need of a touch up.

The rest of the weekend, I’ve been in dresser project mode. Saturday, I got it all cleaned up and the old hardware removed. Sunday, Jeremy helped me sand it and I started the process of applying two layers of stain. Today, I did some touch up spots and one last layer of stain. Once that dried, I added the new hardware! It looks like a completely different dresser. I said that if the dresser went well then I might stain our bookshelf to match it. After tackling this project, I will leave the bookshelf alone. Jeremy might tackle that. I am too much of a perfectionist. I like how the dresser turned out, but I’m not extremely handy so it stretched me.  We are letting it dry one more night before bringing it inside from the garage. It will be nice to get the contents of my dresser put back in order. Right now our room looks like a giant closet. For those of you who know me, that is not my style! I can’t wait to see the whole room put back together.

That was our weekend in a nutshell. Hope you had a great holiday weekend as well!






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