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Celebrating Summer June 22, 2014

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Yesterday was the first day of summer and I spent it in the best way possible – celebrating the coming arrival of Summer Taylor Boone. My long time buddy and forever friend, Maggie, is expecting a little girl at the beginning of August. I’m so excited for her and her husband as they enter this new season of life. It will be fun for Maggie and I to have babies close in age. I see many play dates in our future. I really hope Summer and Owen can be good buddies. I enjoyed watching Maggie be spoiled by her loving family and friends. Baby Summer is one lucky lady with a lot of cute stuff. Little girl stuff really is the cutest.

Jeremy was gracious enough to drive up with me to the baby shower since it was a long way from home and I knew it would be nice to have a second set of hands to help me with Owen. I started off with my little man attending the shower with me. Owen thought the room was so loud that he needed to scream above the noise to be heard. After a while of screaming (happy, but loud), I sent an SOS text to Jeremy asking for him to take Owen so I could actually focus on the shower. I was so blessed to have my hubby on hand to help me out. I really appreciate him.

Since the baby shower took us to the big city, Jeremy and I decided to hang out a little bit before heading home. We had lunch and dinner at two of our favorite places – Chipotle and P.F. Changs. YUM! We wondered the mall and enjoyed the sunny weather. It really was a great first day of summer. Lovely all around. Even though the baby shower was the main event of the day, I’m glad that it turned into a family day as well. Any time that I get to spend with my boys is time well spent. They are two very special dudes!

Summer the season is officially here! And Summer Boone is almost here too! Exciting times!

Celebrating Summer

Celebrating Summer

Ordering at dinner overwhelmed him. Too many choices!

Ordering at dinner overwhelmed him. Too many choices!


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