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Throwback Thursday June 12, 2014

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I don’t usually partake in Throwback Thursday, Flashback Friday or Man Crush Monday. If there are titles for the other days of the week, I don’t know them. But today seems like a good day to do a throwback. This day holds meaning for a lot of reasons! First, it’s my mom’s birthday! Happy Birthday, Mom! I’m so grateful to have a good relationship with my mom. I know that she put up with a lot from me while I was growing up. While I wasn’t a crazy, rebellious child, I think we all have our own ways of driving our parents nuts. Mine would have been singing too loud around the house and generally thinking the world revolved around me. I am so thankful for the wonderful influence and  friendship my mom has given me over the years. Now that I’m an adult, I love our relationship even more. My mom loves her family in very tangible ways. She gives us her time and attention often. Owen thinks she makes a pretty good grandma, too!

Okay, getting back to the throwbacks! Today happens to be the day that I graduated from high school 10 years ago! I’ve officially been out of high school for a decade now and that seems so strange. Where did the time go? In a lot of ways I still feel like that 18 year old kid in a cap and gown, but really I know I’ve changed a lot. Looking back over the last decade, I am so blessed to see how the Lord has directed me. I had no clue when I graduated what was in store for me. My life hasn’t followed the timeline I thought it would, but God knows better than me and it’s been a blessed adventure. What I love about this picture is that I’m still friends with the ladies standing beside me. A lot of people told me that it wasn’t possible to stay close with your high school best friends, but we’ve proved them wrong. I’m so grateful to call Maggie and Kaly my forever friends.

W.F. West Class of 2004

W.F. West Class of 2004

Just for fun, I thought I would do one more throwback to last year on this day. I was in Hawaii for the first time vacationing with my family! This past year has gone by quickly, but the memory of the warm water and sandy beaches still remains. Our little family has a new appreciation for sea turtles after that trip. Now whenever I put Owen in something with a turtle on it, I am transported back to Hawaii. Good times!

Maui 2013

Maui 2013

Each year and decade brings about change and opportunities. I have no clue what things will look like a year from now or a decade from now, but I know that God will still be good and there will be lots of fun to be had. I love that life is unpredictable. The Lord’s plans are better than my own, so I looking forward with great expectation all that still lies before me!


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