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I’ve Been Waiting… June 9, 2014

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Opening Day! Oh yes, we are hardcore!

Opening Day! Oh yes, we are hardcore!

Hanging with my mom and sister! We pretty much moved in and took over.

Hanging with my mom and sister! We pretty much moved in and took over.

I moved to Lewis County during the summer of 1998. I remember my parent’s drove me past the “Lewis County Mall” and I cried. That was no mall. There was no food court or amazing shops. My life was changing and I thought for sure it was for the worst. I’ll be honest, Lewis County is a unique place. Just drive by Yard Birds and you’ll understand. For a long time I have waited for Lewis County to become “cool” and we are still far from it. But, this weekend we took a step forward! I used to have to drive into town to meet up with people at Starbucks. 20 minutes was the commute. This is the northwest and this is where people meet, so I  just did it because that was normal. I am happy to announce that a Starbucks has now opened up 10 minutes from my house and right at the exit of our church. This could be dangerous. Before Starbucks was just a stop on the way out of town or a place to have a mentor meeting. Now I might actually have to set a budget. Imagine when the red cups come in… I might live there with all the festiveness.  It has been brought up by many a person, “Why do you like Starbucks, Amy? You don’t drink coffee.” Good question. I like hot chocolate and passion tea lemonades and pastries (okay, I love pastries). I have learned to love Starbucks over the years and now I’m hooked. No going back. So anyway, this Starbucks so close to my house feels like a promise of things to come. Maybe a Target or a Chipotle. I would love a Costco, Olive Garden or Red Robin. I dream of civilization moving into my neck of the woods. Until then, I will sip on hot chocolate and patiently wait.


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