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500 May 23, 2014

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First time riding up front! Shopping will never be the same! a

First time riding up front! Shopping will never be the same!

Welcome to my 500th post! Wow! That’s crazy! I’ve loved blogging and I’m so glad that I took the leap and started doing it a few years ago. It’s become a great outlet for me to share what’s going on in my life and what’s going on in my head. Both seem to be very active. For today’s post, I honestly don’t know where to begin. May has been a trying month. Our family has battled illness  on a lot of fronts and my hubby is currently in the process of trying to figure out if he has a broken heart. He has been dealing with an irregular heartbeat that has been causing him some discomfort. This has led to multiple doctors appointments and we are currently working with a cardiologist to make sure that there is nothing seriously wrong. All signs are coming back good, but there will be another test and another follow-up appointment to make sure. It’s been hard to watch my very active hubby be grounded by heart issues. He is 33. It seems a little too soon to be going to the cardiologist.

After Jeremy’s visit to the cardiologist on Wednesday, I got to visit my dad in the ER. This was his second ER visit in 24 hours. Yep. My loved ones have issues right now. I’m happy to say that my dad was released on Wednesday and has been doing a good job resting until we can figure out what’s up with him. Between my hubby and my dad, life has been “the not good kind” of exciting. In the midst of all this medical drama, I lost my wedding ring for over 4 days. I turned the house upside down trying to find it with no luck. Wednesday is our usual trash day, but Jeremy decided to not take the trash out until we could through it. Wednesday after the doctor’s appointment and visiting my dad in the hospital, I was super discouraged because I couldn’t find someone to cover my class at church that night. I was emotionally spent and didn’t have the energy to teach… However, I did go to church and I told the girls to be extra nice to me (and they were! Praise Jesus). I was pretty down but right before church started, I got an incoming FaceTime call from Jeremy. He had stayed home that evening and decided to go through the trash. He did find my ring in the first bag he went through. He said it was gross, but worth it! I’d been sick with worry over the ring, so it was a bright spot in a rough day!

This month sure has it’s ups and downs. Even though it seems like there have been more downs than ups, I know that God is in control. Without him, I would be lost. I know that he is in these crazy situations. I am reminded that he is trustworthy and good. I just keep praying and he keeps providing.

Hanging outside staring at a sea of scotch broom

Hanging outside staring at a sea of scotch broom

Reading keeps me sane!

Reading keeps me sane!

So does chocolate!

So does chocolate!


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