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The Bugs are Back May 5, 2014

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Empty tissue box = Full trash can

Empty tissue box = Full trash can

I closed my last blog by mentioning that Owen brought a cold back from Annual Conference. Little did I know at that point that my fate was sealed. I was going down too. The bugs are back at our house and they have set up shop. We were all sick in March so I thought it would be a while a before we were due for another around of illness, but I was wrong. Friday morning, I woke up with a sore throat and I’ve been sick ever since. I’m officially on my 4th box of tissue. I know that you’re probably thinking, I blew my nose too much, but trust me, if I didn’t, it would drip. Gross! It’s been a rough couple of days. Owen not only has a cold which makes eating and sleeping more tricky, but he has also been struggling with diarrhea (sorry for the TMI). I have spent most of the weekend washing and rewashing pajamas in an effort to get stains out of them. I have officially used up all our stain spray. The amount of poopy diapers and blowouts has been astounding.

Fun on Friday

Fun on Friday

On Friday night, I asked Jeremy if we could run into town for a trip to Starbucks. I’d been home bound all day and I thought a warm beverage would be nice on my throat. While in town getting that warm beverage, we got a flat tire. I was a bit mortified because I had hopped into the car unshowered in my grubby sweats. My hubby is a pro and changed the tire quickly and got us home. Saturday morning, Jeremy took off for the local tire shop to replace 3 of our tires. We knew that they needed to be replaced so the flat wasn’t a total shock.

The whale jammies have been marked by this epic illness. On the bright side, doesn't Owen have great hair?

The whale jammies been marked by this epic illness. On the bright side, doesn’t Owen have great hair?

A part from the runny noses, flat tires, and blow out diapers, we’ve been battling ants around our house for a few weeks. It really grosses me out because I’m a total neat freak and ants make me feel like the house is dirty. We keep finding holes that they are coming out of and we take care of that location only to see that they have moved and found a new hole to exit from. Last night, Jeremy found another spot that they were coming out from so he attacked that location with ant poison. The poison works by attracting the ants and then they eat it and take it back to their queen. Just a short while after Jeremy put out the new bait, the spot was covered in ants. I have contemplated moving or burning the house down… I surrender! The ants win! Because of this cold, I have had to sleep with my mouth open the last couple of days (something I don’t normally do) and thanks to our ant friends, all I could think about while falling asleep is how many ants might crawl into my mouth. Gross, right? Sorry. This has been a pretty nasty blog on many accounts. I did take a picture of the ants yesterday and I almost thought about sharing it here… But… I won’t. I don’t want people to be scared to come to my house. That is if the cold and diarrhea bugs weren’t enough to keep you away. Trust me, I have a date with my Lysol spray and cleaning products right around the corner… Once I have the energy to actually clean my house. Until then, it’s just our family and bugs hanging out.


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