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Marshmallow Goodies April 23, 2014

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The last two weeks have been marshmallow themed when it comes to my Wednesday night class snack. Last week, I got the inspiration from Food Network Magazine to make a special cake. I used food coloring to make the layers rainbow colored then I frosted and covered the whole cake in mini marshmallows. I learned a couple of things from this process. First off, my cake carrier only handles a three layer cake. I had made four layers so the pink layer didn’t make it on the cake. Since I used the fruit flavor marshmallows, it would have matched better to make the rainbow layers pastel colored. I used neon food coloring, so my marshmallows and cake layers didn’t completely go together. It was sure a colorful explosion! The marshmallows on the outside of the cake made it pretty darn cute in my opinion! I like making these out of the ordinary snacks from time to time because my class gets really excited. It was fun to share it my girls.

Marshmallow Cake!

Marshmallow Cake!

This week, it’s Fluffernutter Chocolate Chip Bars for snack. My sister-in-law made these for me when I visited for a play date last month and they were so good, I asked for the recipe. Once again, another snack with mini marshmallows! These cookie bars for chewy and soft. The marshmallows are gooey and give the cookie bars a fun look. I can’t wait to bring these to class tonight! I’m hoping for some leftovers so I can keep munching on them! Here is a link to the recipe if you want to make them yourself – click here!

Fluffernutter Chocolate Chip Bars

Fluffernutter Chocolate Chip Bars

My Baking Buddy

My Baking Buddy


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