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Places to Go, Things to Do, People to See! February 22, 2014

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Movie Date!

Movie Date!

It seems like my blogs might turn into weekly recaps since I just don’t get to my laptop as often as I once did. It’s been a better week than the week before (Praise Jesus). The office was closed on Monday for Presidents Day, so Jeremy and I went our first date without Owen. We had movie tickets from Christmas that we still hadn’t used yet. Since we love most Disney movies, we finally made it to see Frozen. I’m glad that one of our local theaters keeps playing movies long after they come out. I would have never thought we would have gotten to see Frozen in the theaters since it came out Thanksgiving weekend. Jeremy and I really enjoyed the movie and we have now been singing the songs and quoting it all week. A big shout out to Jeremy’s parents for watching Owen while we were gone. I know Owen appreciated having some time with Nana and Papa!

Tuesday morning was MOPS and because I was lazy I ended up bringing a dozen doughnuts as my offering for snack. I had a strong hankering for a maple bar that would not be denied. After MOPS, my mom came over to watch Owen for the afternoon. I am happy to report that I got a full afternoon in the office without having to come home or having Owen visit me. Thank you solid foods! So far Owen seems to like carrots that best. My mom got to feed him sweet potatoes for the first time and she said he was shocked when he realized that they weren’t carrots!

Play Date!

Play Date!

Wednesday, I had the pleasure of hosting a play date at my house for Owen and his cousin, Nolan. It’s so much fun to have cousins so close in age. Nolan is definitely more mobile than Owen so Owen got to watch in awe as his younger cousin rolled around. Owen did show off a little bit by lifting his head while doing tummy time. Most of the time Owen’s head keeps him pinned to the ground, so I was impressed.  It was great to chat with my sister-in-law and have a day around the house.

Jeremy entertaining Owen at the Girls Night Out!

Jeremy entertaining Owen at the Girls Night Out!

Thursday was big day at work. We got the facility all ready for our upcoming Girls Night Out and went supply shopping. I came home that afternoon and made dozens of cupcakes for the big event. Friday night was our first ever Girls Night Out. This event was in place of our annual sleepover. Honestly, all we cut out of the sleepover was sleeping on concrete and eating a muffin the morning. The older girls reminded me that they won’t get to watch a full length movie at the sleepover this year (the thing all girls look forward to when they are in 5th grade) so I told them we can watch a full length movie in our regular class on Wednesday. The Girls Night Out went very well. It was a Winter Olympic theme where the girls got to design their own flag, play an Olympic sport relay and decorate their own cupcake. The great thing about this year was the participation of moms. We’ve been trying to make our events more family oriented. This was a big win that department.

This morning Jeremy and I venture out with Owen to spend some time with my parents and sister and brother-in-law. We chatted a bit about our upcoming vacation plans and had Chinese food for lunch. Now we’re enjoying a quiet afternoon at home. I’ve been cleaning, Owen has been napping and Jeremy has been playing video games. Tomorrow will be a big day as my two youngest nephews will be dedicated at church and then there will be a big family brunch afterwards. This will be the first time the whole crew has been together since Christmas. Also my good friend, Kaly, will be in town with her boys, so Owen and I plan on popping over to say hi to her.

The days are filled with places to go, things to do and people to see!


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