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What a Week February 14, 2014

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I wrote a whole, long blog this morning detailing day by day the week that I have had. It’s seriously been a week. I might be losing my grip on reality. But, I decided to delete that entry and just start over. You don’t need to know all that happened. Just know it was zany and crazy. I’ve officially come to the conclusion that my life would be easier if I just stayed home in my pajamas with Owen all the time. Owen has decided to stop taking bottles and it’s making my life complicated. On Monday at Owen’s 4th month well check appointment, we brought up the anti-bottle situation and our doctor recommended that we start solid foods. This will give my mom (and any other caregivers) an option for feeding Owen while I’m at away that doesn’t involve a bottle. I will admit that this decision to move to solid foods came sooner than I had expected, but… something has got to change or I will never be able to stay a full morning in the office.

At Monday’s appointment, we found out that Owen is weighing in at 15lbs. 2 oz. This was about a pound and a half lighter than I thought he was going to be. Owen is in the 62% for weight, 70% for length and 90% for head. I knew he had a big head, but it’s been officially confirmed. This might explain why tummy time doesn’t go over so well. I think his giant head pins him to the ground. It’s hard to lift that noggin!

Owen got his next round vaccines on Monday as well. Shots don’t go over well with Owen. A few hours after the shots, Owen was screaming bloody murder. This made leaving the house that night for a network coffee date with other pastors a bit tricky. He ended up sleeping part of the night, but when he woke up he wanted to fuss again. So I left early… That seems to my MO these days. Attempt a commitment with Owen in tow and leave early with a fussy baby. Good times.

Tuesday, Owen had a fever all day thanks to the vaccines. I had to cancel my mentoring plans because Owen was just out of it. I tried giving him baby Tylenol multiple times to keep his fever in check and of course, he acted like the Tylenol was poison. It was joyous. Trying to not get the bright pink Tylenol all over while Owen tried to force it out his mouth was quite the task. Tuesday evening, we attempted our first run with solid foods. We made some very thin rice cereal. Owen didn’t even get a few bites in. He just freaked out and my hopes of an alternate food source went down the drain (literally). I’m guessing his fever played into his mood and that is why things didn’t go over so well. We’ll try rice cereal again later.

By Thursday, Owen was feeling more like himself so we went up to Seattle to visit a student in the hospital. She was very excited to see Owen. His smiles brightened her day and it made me glad that our little guy could come along for the ride with us.Oh, the life of a ministry family. He was good medicine. Thursday afternoon, my family watched Owen so I could get a little work and mentoring in. We met up with them for dinner and Owen got his first taste of squash. The experience went over well. I wouldn’t say he loves squash, but he it didn’t upset him, so I’ll take that as a good sign.

We tried more squash tonight and again it was a positive experience. My hopes of working without Owen always present are starting to come back. Hurray!!! We’re learning that Owen likes to be held while being fed verses sitting in the high chair. Whatever works. Now our family is celebrating Valentine’s Day by watching Tangled and eating frozen pizza. Oh yes, we’re classy here in Casa de Scott.

Like I said, it’s been a week. Full of hard moments and new experiences. I’m doing my best. I guess that’s all I can do. Now I’m going to stop blogging and watch a silly Disney movie. Here are a few highlights from the week:

Not liking the rice cereal

Not liking the rice cereal

Spreading some cheer in the hospital

Spreading some cheer in the hospital

Trying squash!

Trying squash!



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  1. maggsb86 Says:

    I hope this next week is a little better for you! :)

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