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A Snowy Weekend February 10, 2014

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Tuesday's light snow

Tuesday’s light snow

I love snow. Absolutely love it. Each year a snow storm is a much anticipated treat. I thought for sure that we were going to be missed this year when it came to a good snow. On Tuesday, we saw some flurries. Enough to make the ground white with a light a layer. Tuesday was a bit of a crazy day for me so the snowflakes were welcome friends. On Thursday, we saw some snowflakes again towards the evening. Friday added another layer as well. Saturday night the biggest showers hit us. Our grand total was about 4.5 inches of beautiful snow. This was the perfect weekend to be snowed in! Friday morning, I cleaned the house and it had that nice fresh feeling. I did a ton of laundry. I made banana bread. Jeremy and I put cider on in the crock pot. We watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. It was the perfect day. Owen was in a relatively good mood. Toby wasn’t naughty. It snowed! Seriously, perfect. Plus I didn’t have to go anywhere so I stayed in my pajamas, unshowered the whole day. Days like that are rare now. Saturday, Jeremy and I ran into the church for a little bit. He wanted to get some things set for services before the next round of snow came in. Owen and I helped Jeremy arrange Easter eggs in the foyer. Thanks to the baby carrier, I was able to hold Owen and help move eggs. I felt very accomplished. Saturday night turned into a “snowed in” night as we watched the skies dump.

A Sunday morning walk

A Sunday morning walk

Because of the snow, I decided to stay home Sunday morning. My only other option was being at church extra early with Jeremy and that would mean waking Owen up way before he would normally rise. I didn’t think that wasn’t a good idea, so Owen and I had a snow day. I knew that I wanted to get out in the snow since I hadn’t yet. The snow hadn’t begun it’s melting process so the trees were still flocked and the roadways still covered. I bundled up Owen by putting pants and a jacket over his pajamas. I then put socks over his already covered feet and socks on his hands because all the baby mittens have been packed away with is newborn clothes. I put a hat on his head and pulled the hood of his jacket up. He was ready to be a snow baby! I harnessed the dog and put Owen in the carrier and we went on a 10 minute walk. Since I was by myself, I couldn’t see if Owen was having a good time. I didn’t want him to get too cold. The walk with long enough for me to crunch around and Toby to clear his system. The pre-walk process was nothing compared to getting us all unloaded and back in the house. Toby had snow stuck to him all over. It was embedded to his legs and tummy. I had to trap him in the garage while I unloaded Owen. I’m guessing that Owen has warm and uncomfortable from being so heavily layered. I made quick work of stripping him down to his jammies again. I then turned my attention to Toby. It was really no use. Toby got into the house and started shedding pieces of snow everywhere. Little puddles littered the floor. Owen was worn out from the activity of the morning so he went down for a nap. Toby was also worn out from the excitement and he passed out on the couch. I went to work cleaning the floors and removing all evidence of snow from inside the house. Jeremy came home from church with pizza and our little family settled in to watch more of the Olympics. It was an amazing weekend. I love just hunkering down and being home. No rush. No pressure. Comfy clothes and the wood stove going. Ahhh. So good. I love snowy days. The house all bright and light from the snow outside. It really doesn’t get any better.


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